Inappropriate people in exit row seats

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  • SimonS1

    @garrison – indeed – thought I was posting on a different forum. Will make an amendment.

    @openfly – I fly BA as little as possible. Sometimes unavoidable.


    canucklad – I of course understand your wish to see the airline named but I have made a deliberate decision not to do so because I intend to pursue this through official channels if the response I receive from them is not sufficient. I have got a bit of a ‘bee in my bonnet’ on this issue because it is the third time I have seen examples of it in the past year (each with a different airline by the way).
    Although not the case with long haul I am seeing a more and more ‘relaxed’ attitude to safety issues with airlines on short European flights and I am not happy about it.


    flying UA from IAD to west coast some years back was entertained by an idiot with two “helpers” coming aboard weeping about his failed presentation that had lost him his job & suicide was his only choice.

    I was less happy when the weeper was given the exit row window seat

    Pointed out this was not ideal to the laughing flight attendants but at least they went into a huddle then moved the weeper & his minders to other seats.

    PS if there is still a complaints log on board, by writing that the flight personnel were risking passenger safety the OP might have got some action?



    I have received a detailed and as might be expected professional response from the regulatory authority. They have noted in full my concerns and have contacted the airline today. I have been asked if I am willing to speak with an investigative officer which I have agreed to do so. I have been told the airline has 28 days to provide an explanation of the allegation and I will be contacted after this.


    @charles-p “well done”


    Charles-P – 02/11/2015 15:16 GMT

    Well done for being safety minded.


    Well done on taking the time to raise it with right regulator. A lesson for us all.


    Well done Charles and thanks for the updates.

    I’m also glad you haven’t named and shamed the airline, too much bashing of one particular airline on this forum and I think from all our experiences we could name serveral airlines that don’t enforce their own policies.

    Interesting to note the requirement to read and speak the native language of the operating airline. As someone who is very tall and finds standard seats often impossible to use that could prove interesting if airlines have to mandate the full rule set. Considering the number of flights that cross borders I think that’s an interesting requirement especially when passengers and crew these days are from numerous destinations

    Also interesting to see if US and Canadian airlines will have to conform. I’ve been on both United and Air Canada flights were no one has paid for the exit row seat, so how will they manage in those circumstances?

    This has been caused by both convienance (on line checkin) and also pure cost cutting and/or blatant revenue generation by the airlines. That’s all airlines not just the one or two


    The eventual outcome will be interesting. I believe in airline parlance obese is when you need a belt extension. If you don’t need one you’re not! Put with a bit of spin, this be the airlines answer and nothing will happen (or change).


    Wasborntotravel – 02/11/2015 20:35 GMT

    Good point about airline bashing, Ryanair gets too much on here.


    Regarding language – my my experience, now the requirement on most European, US, African and Asian airlines is that the passenger can speak English given that most cabin crew also speak English and there won’t likely be a communication issue.

    Also…what do people think about restricting those in exit seats from drinking?


    I had an Ask Alex reader query a couple of years ago regarding passengers who had booked and paid extra for emergency exit row seats (window location) between Brazil and London with TAM.

    The passengers were UK nationals. They were denied use of these seats because TAM insisted they had to be Portuguese speakers.

    But when they had made the booking online, there had been no advisory to that effect (on the website).

    TAM did refund the surcharges and promised to amend the wording on its website.


    Just wanted to add my own well done to Charles. I find that terrifying and hope this will result in proper action being taken.



    Good show Charles. I will look out for this and will also complain if and when I see it.

    I have had the exit seats many a time on IB, my Spanish being rudimentary at best. I guess the language rule depends on the airline.


    Perhaps the obese man was the emergency raft? Hence his seating position :p

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 87 total)
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