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    We are flying BHX to IST and then on to BKK in January.

    Anyone know what the ICE is like on Turkish Airlines for those flights – especially the long one to BKK?



    Would imagine the ice is as cold and frozen water as most other airlines!!!



    Thank you, NTarrant for nothing except TRYING to be funny. It is a problem for this site that there are too many people TRYING to be funny.

    Alternatively, if you do not know what ICE is, then you shouldn’t even be reading this site!



    Actually, the correct term is IFE, (In Flight Entertainment) or AVOD, (Audio Visual On Demand). ICE is the German Inter City Express, sorry I am trying to be funny.

    We do need a bit of humour on here sometimes.



    HaHa. Got you there!

    Emirates call it ICE (In Cabin Entertainment) if I remember correctly?
    Anyway, does anyone know the about the IFE, AVOD, or ICE on Turkish Airlines?

    Happy New Year.



    Yes you did that time!!

    Don’t use Emirates or Turkish for that matter. Anyway I hope you get an answer and a Happy New Year to you, safe travelling.



    The best two things about flying Turkish Airlines, the in flight safety film with the Manchester United players, probably the most entertaining pre-flight safety film currently available. The only other thing worth a mention would be getting off at your destination, at least you will arrive.



    By all accounts, Turkish has got a very poor safety culture. It has had a number of accidents and ‘near misses’ of note. I would much rather have a bland and plain safety video, but industry standards of safety.



    ICE stands for Information – Communication – Entertainment.

    Its the name for EKs IFE system. Its also called MAS2000 or 3000 + EX and I versions depending on the a/c type. Its produced by Panasonic by the way. Several airlines operate the system but ICE is exclusively for EK I belive.

    Back to the question, I have done IST-BKK on J class on their A340-300s recently, its a older system but it was working fine. Their B777-300ER or A330-300 has a newer system which should be as good as the best.

    Regarding safety record – dont worry statistics is on your side:-).



    I went MAN – IST in Sept 2011 in Business.
    The ‘entertainment’ was projected and not personal.
    Agree it was surprising to see the Man U folk on the safety briefing.
    There was also a flim showing wrestling, which made a change. Luckily the food & wine was excellent.



    They have the 777 on this route and the in flight entertainment I would rate as good. Business class is great on the 777 and the new Comfort class is by far the best premium economy in the skies,



    Gentlemen ,

    This thread is coming at a FANTASTIC time !!..nothing could be better really !!!!..I was just gearing up to initiate a thread about the Turkish Airlines Comfort Class ( Premium Eco Product )…IT IS BY FAR THE BEST EVER PREMIUM ECO I have seen in years !!…spacious cabin ,spacious seat ,fantastic seat pitch ( roomy 46 in ) ,upgraded catering ,very very nice and easy to operate IFE system !!!!…I prefer it to the Emirates one ( much praised ) …..on top of this ,the differential in the fare from Eco is really attractive …by far ,an outstanding product …EXCELLENT VALUE-FOR-MONEY !!!….oh yesss..dedicated washrooms well equipped and stocked with lime scented products ..If the cabin is not full ,then you feel you are flying the business class of the early and mid nineties !!!!….Well done TK !!!!…I expect you to grow your market share in those markets served by 777-300ER offering such a product on board e.g. Los Angeles ,New York,Toronto,Sao Paulo ,Beijing ,Hong Kong ,Guangzhou,Shanghai ,Bangkok …….

    Keep up the good work,TK !



    Yes, I traveled in Business on Turkish last year on their A330 with the new Business layout and Planet IFE. The content is basic on demand but not as many options as EK, QF, SQ. Passable but not world leading.

    I hope this answers your question.

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