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    Last week I left some documents in my Seatback on a BA flight in Europe. I thought they were buried in my briefcase.

    A few days later a letter arrived to my home address (it was on one of the documents) with a hand written note from the BA Purser on the flight saying that they had found them and sent them on and ‘hoped I received them ok’

    Maybe I got lucky but it demonstrates the service levels that are often available from BA crew.

    I thought to write back to BA customer services with a ‘Thank you’ and commend the Purser for such service.


    Excellent service, very impressive. Many airlines would I am sure have binned them.


    Very impressive!

    You can do this easily via


    Interesting VK. Do you know if other airlines, such as Swiss, have a similar site?





    🙂 I think he’s not sure if other airlines offer the service.

    I’ve a feeling that Gold status BA flyers get some kind of vouchers they can distribute to staff as a reward for exceptional service

    Back to the main thread, It’s certainly impressive, I’m not surprised. A few years ago I spent a flight to India writing my christmas cards, at the end of the flight I asked the purser to get them posted back at Heathrow, no problem.

    I try really hard to understand why I think BA are so good, Is it a cultural thing, we share the same first language, humour, body language and nuances? I’ve flown with Lufthansa – frighteningly efficient. Asian airlines – pretty girls, but too young to interact confidently with passengers. Far eastern airlines – fantastic food, very pretty girls again too young to interact confidently with the passengers.

    As far as I remember every BA flight I’ve been on at some stage before the end of the flight a senior member of the cabin crew has always spoken to me, just a simple “Hello I’m xxxxx. Purser or CSD, I hope you’ve enjoyed the flight” followed by a brief social chit Regardless of whether I’m in the front or back of the plane it makes me feel valued. I really can’t remember this happening with other Airlines UA, China, SAS, Thai, Sri Lankan. Maybe Lufthansa Italia.

    Do we interact better with our own national airlines because of cultural commonalities or is subliminal nationalism?


    I have my mobile number on my iPod. As I left Ibiza airport last year my mobile rang. It was the purser from my BA flight phoning to tell me that they had just found it in the seat pocket and she would hand it to the ground staff. 10 minutes later I had it back…..and I didn’t even know I had lost it!

    Excellent service from BA….going just one step further.

    I saw her on another flight a month later, by coincidence, and thanked her in person. She said that she had received the Exec Club complimentary that I had submitted for her. The system works.


    I seldom fly BA but fly a lot AF where service is polite & efficient. However a recent flight on A380 CDG to YUL top floor business, where the badly designed seats do not have a space to put anything personal, I have placed my small toilet bag with my medication between the seats. On disembarking I have help my neighbor, a young asian fellow who was too drunk to get off on his own and forgot my toilet bag. Thereafter I had to take a long trip up north & was unable to get back to the airport. Phoning the customer service helpline yield no help what so ever, just a suggestion that I go back to the airport to claim it, which of course I could not as I was 1000 miles away. I eventually got it back on the return flight, after a long burcratic maneuvers. So BA staff, taking such a good care of it’s customers, is exceptional……..


    A few months ago, after leaving the LHR/CPH flight at Kastrup, I was waiting to board my onward Air Baltic flight to RIX and the AB check-in staff handed me my iPad, that I had let fall down the back of my seat on the BA flight.

    She said BA purser had hand delivered it to them!!

    Amazing thing was that my next leg was not booked via BA system, but they found me nonetheless!!

    I know I was in Club and am BA Gold but that is still truly outstanding customer service.

    I hope the Purser got my grateful message of thanks??

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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