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    I may be on my own about this. But when I enter the cabin, I am in for relaxation, a drink, book or movie and turning of my brain.

    Then the annoying immigration form comes along.

    Why don’t the airliners provide these in the lounges, then you can sit at a proper desk and complete it before boarding.

    Anyone know why they don’t do this, or perhaps there is, but I have not been aware of it, in which case I stand corrected. I understand that they don’t send it home to you, that would probably be too expensive. But in the lounge, why not?


    Hello… I would suspect that at major airports like LHR there are simply too many destinations to keep track off, and it is simpler to hand out directly onboard. I have noticed that airports that have seperate areas for checking in to destinations such as the US, you will be supplied at check in. SAS in Stockholm has daily flights to EWR and ORD, and you typically get your I-94 and Customs handed at check in. However, ARN is a small airport with few long-haul destination and is probably not the best example.


    The problem is that whilst you may be switched on to the way things work, there are many passengers who are not. They may not have access to Exec lounges and of course no matter how many notices you put up there will always be people who say “I didn’t see it” or “it wasn’t very clear”

    Annoying as it may be, is it really that hard to take a couple of minutes to complete?


    I always ask the crew for a couple of extra forms and so keep a stock at home for my regular destinations. I fill the form out before I travel to save the hassle of messing around on the bouncy club table!


    Handing out customs and/or immigration forms on board is probably the best solution. If handed out prior to boarding there will always be some people who leave them behind in the departure lounge or even the duty free shops!

    Perhaps more logical would be to hand out the applicable destination forms soon after take-off. Then people can complete them at their leisure!

    Certainly not as happened to us on Air Canada where after a 13 hour flight YYZ-NRT the cabin crew handed out the Japanese Immigration forms after the aircraft had commenced the (very choppy) initial descent into Narita.


    I am apparently being misunderstood a bit. I am not saying it should be moved to the lounges only.

    What I am suggesting is that the immigration forms could be available in the lounges ALSO, as an option to those of us, who fly a lot and pay a lot, to do this prior to boarding, if we would like so.

    For the rest of the pack, business as usual, have their forms onboard.



    I agree with TemboOne. Please give me the immigration form soon after take off. I am going to be sitting on plane for X hours with plenty of time to complete the forms at leisure. Giving out forms prior to landing, just before the seat belt signs are switched on, is very unhelpful. Especially when I am travelling with family and I get the job of entering the basic form details on their behalf. Completing multiple forms takes more time. Or find a new destination requires some obscure information which has just become inaccessible as it’s packed away in my hand luggage.


    The danger of keeping your own stash of forms for regularly visited destinations is that the forms do change and couldbecome out of date.

    Nothing more of a hassle than having to re-complete a form at the immigration desk.

    BA do keep a stash of forms in their F lounge in T5, which can be helpful.

    But I suppose there is a balance to be struck between doling them out early (which would probably suit most reguar travellers) and passing them round later in the flight when people are gathering their things and are ready to do the final passport/onwards documents check just prior to re-packing their hand baggage in preparation for landing.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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