Images of the government’s newly repainted Airbus are appearing

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  • SimonS1

    It is what it is…an aircraft chartered for official business.

    It looks OK to me….whether it is a priority for $900k of spending would depend on what the business case looks like.


    I like it. Much better than battle ship grey.

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    Magnificently mediocre like the person who came up with the idea. Frankly, if that was the most creative we could come up with, I don’t think it will drum up much overseas business.
    Now, if we had a Royal Yacht, THAT would get some business !


    Apart from the gold lettering (Royal Blue may have been more appropriate), it certainly will stand out amongst the crowd.

    Would the work have gone to tender, would have been interested to see the other designs (if they were to be made public)?

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    Can anyone confirm if the cost was actually 900K. If the re-paint was carried out as part of a scheduled repaint then the actual cost is minimal

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    Any office or for that matter a dedicated vehicle/airplane quality depends on the person who occupies.

    Popemobile is an ugly looking vehicle, but people all over the world love that, because Pope travels in it.

    Air Force 1 is an ordinary old model B747 aircraft with ordinary painting on it, but it is revered because it carries POTUS.

    50% people in USA used to shout joyously when they saw Trump’s plane pre 2016 election, now that percentage could be much lower.

    Similarly this Airbus will be liked or no liked depending on quality and deeds of British PMs in the coming year.

    If we like someone, we happen to like everything he wears, does etc. And vice versa.


    Quite a nice paint job but £900K?? Maybe some extra on-board creature comforts as well.
    Should be named ‘BRITTANIA’.


    ….or even Britannia!!?


    …I wonder what the ‘BOB’ menu looks like…


    Gold lettering: Not good. Shouldn’t be central (needs to be nearer the pointy end). Should be mixed case.
    Aircraft registration: Far too big. Looks like it belongs in one of those library books for people with REALLY bad eyesight.
    Union Jack: Should be higher up the tail with more blue visible and less red.
    Wavy cheat line: Lose it. Some designer trying too hard to be trendy – and failing.

    Apart from that, OK-ish. Far better than the grey for VIP duties.

    Oh, and the £900k was the total cost for some heavy duty maintenance – not just the paint job, which would have been a fraction of the total and needed doing anyway as part of the strip down….


    One word —Garish !!

    Brand UK should be represented by something that’s understated yet at the same time has an air of authority and respect.

    I’d say they missed a trick by not using , arguably the most respected global name more prominently

    Replace the Gold United Kingdom with “Royal Air Force “ and put the gold United kingdom next to the door in smaller font.


    VIPs in the 1970s flew RAF Comet 4c. External livery was RAF with white body paint, smart but subtle. Internally the VIP section was fitted with bedrooms and exec seating. I was fortunate to have one 10 day trip to Japan flying as supernumerary crew – great jolly for a 20-year-old WRAF officer.

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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