IHG ‘Best Price Guarantee’… is it a farce?

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  • 1nfrequent

    ASK1945 – shares go up for a number of reasons and sometimes flying in the face of clueless management. Not sure why you’re taking it so personally.




    I am not.

    Lando Marco

    Over the past decade, most prominent hotel management companies have performed extremely well as the new hotel management model have proven to be financially very viable. In terms of performance, Starwood and other hotel management groups have performed much better. I have no doubt that IHG is on a steep downward trend and frankly, Im surprised that no regulatory body have taken action against them thus far. Their questionable practices boarders on fraud.
    As an investment analyst, Ive seen clients like Ask1945 who must take a big financial hit before before they learn.



    A previous message advised me that these responses I should not take personally; yours is the first that I have.

    You have made an assumption about my skills, without knowing anything about me.


    A small note about Intercontinental @ Park Lane…
    Still awaiting any response from them so called the hotel directly – the individuals who work for Intercon are what makes people go back to the hotel despite the “company” best efforts to tick travellers off.
    Duty manager – listened, acknowledged and made notes – sometimes this is all that is needed – his promise of a “better” room – well, will let you know once we check in but just his delivery of customer service is already a step in the right direction.


    I am beginning to see cracks in SPG hotels (NOT in Bangkok).. they may perform better the IHG, but sadly, 2014 experiences not as polished as 2013…


    They also denied my claim(s). Although prices frequently fluctuate online, they would only accept online claim forms. I submitted my claim within 15 minutes of booking, and they responded more than 24 hours later, and by then the price on hotels.com had changed. It is poor business practice for Holiday Inn to make such guarantees and then create so many loopholes (i.e., online claim submissions rather than phone calls when online prices fluctuate) so that they would rarely (if ever) have to honor it. Had I read all of the online complaints that have already been posted, I would have never booked with them.


    Deutsche Bank have issued a warning to investors that IHG are over-priced and have down-graded the stock.

    At close of play yesterday, the share price had slipped 69p to 2656p



    A few years ago I tried to claim on the best price guarantee with Accor for the Sofitel Brisbane. The cheaper option on a hotel site ( I think ebookers)was same booking conditions, same hotel, same room, same cancellation conditions Sam dates etc. The difference according to Accor Asia Pacific was that the rate I had got that was cheaper included breakfast wheras booking direct with Accor ( as I had done) was not. Crazy loons. Many emails exchanged……they held out…….they think they won!


    “As an investment analyst, Ive seen clients like Ask1945 who must take a big financial hit before before they learn.”

    When AIDanberg made this stupid, personal remark in May 2014, the price of IHG on the London Stock Market was hovering around 2100 to 2200. Since then IHG have issued spectacular dividends, and the stock has risen by about 20% (to around 2700), notwithstanding a fall of 2.6% yesterday.

    The points I am making are:

    Even Warrent Buffet doesn’t get it right all the time (eg Tesco), so don’t just rely on people who describe themselves as Investment Analysts. They have a role, but only a role.

    When contemplating an investment, use a range of analysts and look at the trends they are describing.

    Don’t focus on one issue: customer service is just one of a range of factors to consider. For example, those who did not invest in Ryanair – arguably with the worst customer service ever – have lost out big time.

    I don’t support or condone the sort of alleged cheating by IHG, described by several members of this forum, but please don’t mix this up with predicting the financial performance of this company.

    DB are a respected bank, with a good track record and their forecast may be right. But it will have been made on the back of several factors, not just customer service.


    The best piece of advice I ever received regarding anybody offering me investment advice was to ask,

    “In the past five years how much profit have you made on your own investment with your own money ?” The key answers are not just about the amount but also:

    1 Do they know – if not, why not ?
    2 Can they prove it, if not, why not ?
    3 Are they willing to say – if not why not ?


    I’m somewhat surprised that this issue has been going on for so long.
    I’m in the process of challenging the best price guarantee with IHG and they have been extremely effective in denying this claim.

    1st.. IHG replied there was no record of the reservation made via any IHG website thus the claim does not qualify.

    2nd. Proving this was made via IHG website, and having the hotel confirm this.. IHG then said “our system shows that the reservation is already less than 24 hours from the standard check-in time. Thus, your claim does not initially qualify for the guarantee.

    3rd. Proving that this was confirmed by IHG 47.13 hours prior to the check-in time. IHG are now saying that the reservation must be made using the Best Flexible rate preference.Thus, making this still invalid claim for the guarantee.

    I’m making this somewhat of a mission now… and have sent off another email proving that this was made using the best flexible rate preference…

    Im wondering what the excuse will be next time… perhaps “I didn’t have both hands on the keyboard when making the reservation”?

    You couldn’t make it up !


    Where is the hotel located, Simonuk? Is it in the UK, and/or did you use a UK site? If so, I would have thought that in your next email you might add something along the lines of “and if this claim is not paid I shall refer the matter to my local Trading Standards Office”

    And should you need to find one, you can locate it through https://www.gov.uk/find-local-trading-standards-office


    Ian, Trading Standards used to be a good way to scare company’s in to submission. Due to massive budget cuts, and trading standards not being a service local authority’s have to provide they have few staff left and tend to concentrate on the local rogue traders rather than the nationals and multi nationals. Any such communication with Trading Standards is likely to illicit the response to go to the Advertising Standards Authority, probably the most toothless authority in existence.

    Good advice, but I fear you have been swanning it in Hong Kong too long. 😉


    Well, “swanning it” is perhaps a bit uncalled-for, but otherwise you do have a point!

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