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  • william

    Thanks 747 Guy!

    We just flew back from Lima today via Madrid. Another total shocker. To say the food in business was inedible is an understatement. They make BA look like Singapore or Emirates!


    I believe you, my friend. That was exactly my last experience with the food, in a Business Class flight, from MIAMI to MADRID!! UNEDIBLE!!



    Crew have control of the window settings via the CAP panel at all left hand doors.

    The panel primarily is used for locking blinds open for takeoff and landing but can also adjust windows to one of five settings. Meaning the passenger can only dim it further than a setting selected by the crew.

    The crew can so access each shade individually from the CAP so could lock dimmed, all shade apart from a customer who requests theirs are raised open unlock just there’s.

    On the A380, via the FAP panel, shades can be adjusted to MED or FULL. and either locked in that position or still remain in the control of passengers.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Charley Whiskey

    Thank you! That is very clear, concise and useful to know.


    Good to know the facts. If you can’t get an FA to bring you a glass of water, what are the chances that s/he will adjust your individual window blind? Sorry, I have a sick sense of humor. This is valuable information to have, and would allow a pax to exert a little pressure on crew to help.

    Morkal John

    The decision to lower the blinds on an airplane typically falls under the discretion of the cabin crew, who may do so for various reasons such as to reduce glare, maintain cabin temperature, or promote a sense of relaxation. While it’s not mandatory for passengers to have the blinds down, the crew may encourage it for the comfort of all passengers. However, passengers have the right to request to keep the blinds up, especially if they prefer natural light or have personal preferences. In this situation, it seems the passenger exercised their preference, and while the crew may have seemed unhappy, they should respect the passenger’s wishes as long as it doesn’t compromise safety or disrupt other passengers.


    😂🤣😂 I fly Iberia monthly to Bogota in Business
    And always have fantastic service, it must be you after all
    If you have such an attitude, your quite rightly going to get
    It back from the crew!!


    Sorry to hear that – I hate to say it but if you think the Iberia service and product is good you clearly don’t know what you are now missing on BA let alone other airlines! 🤣


    It is called BAD SERVICE, that is what it is.
    THERE ARE MUCH BETTER AIRLINES, giving a real BUSINESS CLASS service, that put IBERIA in the lowest ranking of Business Class service lists.
    Enjoy IBERIA…… when you learn, by own experience, that there are other THOUSANDS OF TIMES BETTER Business Class services in other airlines, you will be able to judge by yourself.


    Some vitriol being unleashed there, then.

    Perhaps with some justification..

    But my recent experience with IB, transatlantic on an A350, was very positive, most particularly in terms of my 180 lie-flat, complete with an unusually thick padding.

    Air Nostrum, MAD-TRN, quite OK, too. Decent food, but a cramped Bombardier, all seats Economy sized.

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    That sounds like an unusually poor experience. Iberia usually provides better service, but occasional lapses can happen. You might want to share your feedback with them directly for better insights.

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    I have taken quite a few IB flights, but only short haul to/from Spain and domestically. I have had varied experiences but my last trip was OK and I did a trip report on this forum which looks at a domestic flight on A320 in Y and in J on an A330 to LHR.

    Here is a link to that..

    Iberia A320 & A330 short-haul trip reports

    General feedback from other flights is I do very much like the lounge at Madrid but crew and gate agents have been horrible at times and trying to reach customer services on the phone a total nightmare. One flight in Business a few years ago from MAD-LHR the crew were very keen that all passengers knew very soon that this was going to be a joy free flight, they were aggressive beyond cold and at the end of the flight you could hear tantrums being taken out on the cutlery.

    Once on an A330 from MAD to LHR I pressed the call button (in J) and 20 minutes later a crew member walked past, turned it off, and walked away, not even asking what I needed or what my concern was.

    And on reaching Customer Services very trickly indeed and constantly being directed to not speaking to a human and then cutting me off.

    I love going to Spain, find the Spanish warm and welcoming, have many Spanish friends but some at IB should simply not be in hospitality.

    There are many places in Caribbean, Central and South America I would like to fly to, but although I like their A330s and A350s I frankly do not have the confidence in them to provide a good and more importantly stress-free trip.

    Luggage connecting at MAD can also be a challenge.

    As mentioned up-thread I have many friends with way more experience on flying IB than me and they avoid it now, generally choosing AF/KL.

    And if IB/IAG consumes Air Europa IB will have even less competition and less incentive to provide a kindly and respectful service.

    I sincerely hope that IB staff and management are reading this thread and will act on feedback. If IB were consistent and upped their game in all classes I would love to choose them on a frequent basis and hopefully on longer flights.


    +1 for Iberia here on their new A350 J product.
    Delightful flight from MEX-MAD – no frills, just efficency and good service at a fraction of other airlines cost.

    Only critque I had was when moving around the seat controls are very close and kept accidently pressing – not sure if an Iberia issue or a seat manufacturer problem.

    As far i can remember i controlled my blinds – may be wrong on that, can’t remember for sure.


    I can´t really confirm what most of the other posters have experienced on Iberia. I do fly frequently within Europe and to North Africa with Iberia in business class and never had a bad experience, often young and friendly crews, the food is decent, entertainment to stream and the lounge in Madrid is top-notch. I also flew to Bogota two years ago on a A350 and the crew as well as the service on both legs was really good. A very comfortable seat, great entertainment, good choice of food and flight attendants were friendly and always available. Also can´t remember that they asked us to close the blinds. Perhaps I was lucky till now, but I can´t say anything negative about them.

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    Just my experience flying IB from Madrid to Dallas. I went in with very low expectations and came away very pleasantly surprised. We had absolutely fabulous crew in Business Class, yes, we were not fawned over but found the crew to be extremely polite, professional and hard working – certainly not words I would usually associate with IB cabin crew!

    The food was very good also, on par with BA Club World (even going as far as having beef cheeks on the menu!). Iberia use Do&Co as their caterer in MAD so the catering is definitely decent. I also liked the drinks service – wine in full sized stemmed wine glasses – and served with a choice of nuts, olives or manchengo cheese (or all three if you can not decide like me!).

    A330 cabin a bit drab and dull but full flat bed with direct aisle access so happy on that front.

    I also found the Madrid IB Business Class Lounge to be very good, definitely far superior to BA’s business lounges.

    As far as the ‘blinds open/blinds closed’ debate. Yes, the cabin crew CAN over ride control on aircraft with dimmable windows. However, there is a difference between ‘requesting’ someone close their blind/dim their shade and enforcing it (by locking them open or closed).

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