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  • TheLion

    IAG holds its annual Capital Markets Day event later today, starting 8.30am GMT. Details are here, including the link to a live webcast of the event:


    The slide presentation will also hopefully be available on this page later too.

    Subjects of particular interest that may receive some coverage include:

    * An update on group finances and future plans, post Brexit.
    * BA B772 cabin refit (LHR/LGW) and reconfiguration (LGW), including reducing the Club cabin at LGW and possibly removing first from some LHR B772s.
    * Indication of potential new routes from IB & EI, plus any BA expansion plans.
    * A350 cabin configurations and delivery dates for BA, IB and EI.
    * Info on fleet plans for all IAG airlines.

    Feel free to update this page as info comes in.

    Last year’s a.net IAG CMD discussion and slides is here: http://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=597643.

    The Lion


    Re LGW 777 reconfiguration & refit – looks like 10-across in economy, more WTP and slightly less CW in 3 class planes.


    Announced a £400m investment in Club World too. About time!

    Club Europe being introduced on domestic routes.

    25 LGW 777’s will be converted to ten abreast in economy which BA says will give a lower cost per seat that a Norwegian 787.


    Correction – LGW doesn’t have as many as 25 777’s so it looks like all the LGW fleet and some of the LHR fleet will go ten abreast in Y. I imagine it will be the ones that have not yet had a cabin refurb, likely the three class ones.

    Mark Caswell

    Our consumer editor Alex McWhirter has also reported on this development this morning:

    British Airways to join ten-across club


    Even more reason to avoid BA Gatwick.

    Alex Cruz seems blinded by the success of Norwegian on short/long haul….his heroes. He aspires to copy the Norwegian business plan. He left American with little proof of a successful career. He left Vueling in a mess. He brings his unsuccessful career to BA by copying Norwegian. He only knows loco operations.
    I await his announcement regarding withdrawal of Premium lounges….Norwegian doesn’t have lounges!!!

    It’s about time he focused on the BA product…real BA, otherwise it will be too late.


    I agree with you to a point openfly. Norwegian is definitely having an impact on BA at LHR. We were given some stats yesterday
    – 26% of BA customers are seriously considering flying Norwegian up from 13% twelve months ago.
    – other customers satisfaction with BA drops once they’ve flown EK
    – on short haul economy it’s all about price and punctuality.

    Saying that – ten abreast in economy has been long expected. It is the ‘new norm’. ‘Five star’ airlines such as Qatar and Cathay have already introduced it or are in the process of doing so. Most other airlines have ten abreast in economy.

    I think (just IMHO) that the boards eventual ideal for BA is a hybrid carrier. The Capital Markets day has also announced a £400m investment in Club World – both on board and on the ground. It may be too little too late but at least BA have gone from the attitude of ‘oh i’ve never had a passenger email me to complain about our Club product’ (a manager quoted as saying a while back) to our CEO stating ‘our club world satisfaction is declining’. So at least there is now an admission that it needs money and emergency surgery.

    I imagine we will continue to see World Traveller squeezed though.


    On shorthaul:
    A320 goes from 168 seats to 180 seats (an extra two rows squeezed in)
    A321 goes from 205 to 218 seats



    The majority of passengers traveling economy would rather be cramped in 10 across than pay 10% (or more) and be 8 or 9 across. This will only change when either governments mandate a minimum space per passenger (unlikely) or people start dying from DVT and we see massive lawsuits against the carriers (more likely) forcing them to change.


    ..Did anyone spot the rogue slide in the presentation (that has since magically disappeared) poking fun at IAG’s relentless tactics of downgrading their offering to maximise profits??


    – other customers satisfaction with BA drops once they’ve flown EK

    I wonder why?

    Could it be

    – Clean aircraft
    – Fantastic IFE (with decent sized screens)
    – Decent F&B (no mini Mars bars for a 2nd meal – the afternoon tea is pretty much the same as Club Europe – in economy)
    – Crew who work diligently throughout the flight (sorry RF, I’m sure you do, but some of your colleagues let the side down)
    – Direct flights from the regions
    – Affordable pricing


    Presentation is up, and there’s come good news: the £400m investment in CW is being made with the “Ambition to create an experience that exceeds that of our key competitors”, focusing on four key areas:
    – Transform food & drink
    – Step change in service
    – Best night’s sleep (noting new seat in development)
    – Best ground service
    Has BA finally decided it’s time to come up with a product that generates revenue through challenging the competition, rather than squeezing in as many J pax as possible??


    We’ll see. “Radical improvement in quality and presentation ” is promised on CW food and drink, increased choice through pre-order, premium service training, complete redesign of service routine, performance management, better soft product including bedding. And the new CW seat. Promises, promises..


    The 10-abreast might be acceptable on some “quality” airlines , but they have 33″ seat pitch at the least. BA thinks 10 abreast with 31″ pitch is acceptable for 12 hours at a time.
    There are lots of airlines out there that want my money with a better product.
    Has Mr Cruz considered offering the empty containers in the hold as suitable accommodation for passengers?!
    As for squeezing extra rows in the 320/321 I assume that CE seat pitch comes down to 28″!!

    BA will rapidly be dead and gone…soon!


    Openfly – I updated today’s news piece. No information on Club Europe’s new pitch is available. But BA might take a leaf out of Lufthansa’s book and increase business class pitch at the expense of economy class.

    Lufthansa to offer less legroom than Ryanair

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