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  • SimonS1

    hueyjudy – probably worth reading the thread properly before posting. If you did so you would see that the OP had already sorted the issue out so there isn’t really any need to keep going with the complaint or involve consumer advocates.

    Was there really a need to bump this from almost 3 weeks ago – what value do you feel you have you added for users of the forum?


    “Those of you who knock BA might reflect on this heartless response from their rival, and be warned that you might be next.”
    “Other internet shopping has buyer protection, so why not for the airlines?”

    But the events you describe are not typical shopping experiences. The equivalent would be if your wife bought online a jacket from a suit from a shop that states that refunds will be charged $50. You then buy the matching trousers online from the same shop using your account. The trousers order gets lost. You now expect the shop to cancel, what as far as they are concerned, is a totally unconnected transaction, and not to charge the refund fee. There is no “buyer protection” that would mandate that the shop take back the jacket your wife bought and give her a full refund. Goodwill and understanding of course might come into play, but very well might not.

    I totally understand the frustration and the issues involved in trying to book a combined flight/holiday using two different accounts, however sometimes you just have to accept that things didn’t work out like you wanted, and it’s not really anyones fault.


    There have been a number of references on this thread alluding to “mean” comments. kmcottrell opened a discussion in a public forum and I’m sure he didn’t expect that everyone would necessarily be sympathetic to his problem. These comments are not “mean”, they represent an opposing point of view in an open discussion, which I happen to agree with. After all, this is what a forum is for.

    Airlines have huge departments dealing with complaints, most of which are totally justified but many of which are a baseless pack of lies and a waste of time. There are thousands of people (and I’m not at all saying this is kmcottrell’s case) who try it on and use every excuse in the book in order to get out of the airlines’ terms and conditions. Gradually, they have had to set strict rules because if you say yes to one person, you have to say yes to thousands. If it wasn’t for those thousands of people who continually try to take advantage (AGAIN, absolutely no reference to the case in point) then maybe they could be a bit more understanding. Let’s face it, if airlines said yes to every person who called them to say they booked that one miles seat between London and New York in the whole of July but that it mysteriously disappeared but sorry I didn’t write down the booking reference etc, then they would have no seats left for revenue bookings. This is because they simply can’t tell the truth between those who are genuine and those who are lying. There is a cost to dealing with all this and who pays for it in the end? All of us. I’m very glad that kmcottrell had a happy ending to his ordeal but as was pointed out by other users, sometimes you just have to accept that things don’t go as planned and that there is a small cost to this. If you can’t afford that cost, then use the booking tools that will guarantee your desired outcome. And if you are not open to hearing other points of view that are not necessarily yours, then don’t participate in these forums.


    Indeed, opinions are like ar$eholes in that most people have one!

    If you can’t listen to another’s point of view then you have to ask yourself if you are entitled to hold one of your own.

    (Opinions, that is, not ar$sholes, obviously!)


    Simon, I appreciate your diligent attention to details. In the future, if you have something negative to say, why not say it elsewhere? This is a forum and people are encouraged to express themselves, even if they don’t adhere to your rules..


    There is a difference between expressing yourself, and bumping a weeks old thread by suggesting someone escalates a case that has clearly already been resolved.


    It’s probably best to close this thread as it’s going nowhere nice and the OP’s question has been answered. Thanks.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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