How worthy is the Apologetic Vouchers from Airlines?

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  • B Brenden

    When Airlines internal problems caused flights delay for over 24hrs, airlines should provide all food and accommodations to passengers, these are just basic needs.
    Airlines could do more by giving priorities to elite members and alliances elite members with better accommodation arrangement.

    In Oct 2017, my United flight was delayed for more the 24 hrs and as a Elite Gold Star Alliance member I was offered a Sixth INN and was under the threading voice of the ground crew. She states that all she has “you can take it or sleep in the airport for the until the flights is ready”. Long story cut short, the next day I found out from another Brazilian passenger who flow first time with United was been put up in the Delux Courtyyard Hotel at Chicago!!!
    On the day of the actual flight they still offer USD 500 voucher to be used only on United flights. For those who lives in the States would worth something but for international traveller like myself would not be able to use it unless I choose to fly with UNITED. Unfortunate for UNITED Airlines, my following few trips to tHe States thereafter, UNiTed is not even in my list of Airlines to be on to fly to The States. Hence the USD 500 voucher becomes worthless for me.

    On Singapore Airlines Business on the A350-900 flights, SGP to HKG, ordered Japanese grilled beef steak on the supposingly famous book the cook, the beef turned up on my seat take as over cooked and chewy!

    For this I was given a S$100 after the other food they offer me doesn’t suit my taste. I didn’t want to make a big fuss it, cos I just want to relax.

    Due to business requires I travel again on SQ, I don’t have fate in their Biz class hence decided not to waste my money, I opt for Economy. No expectations less disappointment. I did some research on how to best use the S$100 Voucher so as to amend the food disaster previous caused by the airline. Unfortunately, nothing in the Online shopping can satisfy it. Hence I decided that I would returned the voucher back to the airlines. The comfort of the SQ business class is only worth S$100, which I can easily get the things I really want with that amount from other places.

    So do you think such voucher is worthy of your time and money to use it?

    Using it could seems like we pay them to apologise to us!!!

    Isn’t it?


    For me it really depends on what’s gone wrong and the value the vouchers have for you as an individual.

    The last 2 vouchers I received, which I did not request, but were offered for service failure.

    1. $100 US dollar voucher, from CX for failure of their IFE, BKK-HKG, handed out without question on arrival into BKK. I used this to buy duty free goods on my net CX flight HKG-BKK. Bottom line, a bottle of aftershave v a working IFE. That flight I slept, thank you CX for helping to make me smell nice 🙂

    2. HKG – LHR (BA) 10,000 avios for an IFE screen that needed to be held in place by a piece of card, to stop it swinging backwards. It solved the problem long enough to enable me to watch 1 film, then I went to sleep. Bottom line, 1 free return ticket to Europe for needing a piece of card.

    Both the above were offered by cabin crew automatically. Were they necessary, possibly, were they gratefully received, absolutely.

    Oh the other day, Marriott out of the blue awarded me 10,000 points for a reservation that was cancelled by Marriott in error, again gratefully received.


    I totally agree with Martyn. It happened to me to get them a few times, without asking, and they were greatly appreciated. Then once I didn’t use a big one before expiry, but that was due to my very poor memory which caused me forget it at home…

    Regarding OP I can’t understand the point when saying

    The comfort of the SQ business class is only worth S$100, which I can easily get the things I really want with that amount from other places.

    C class, especially on SQ, is not only about one piece of meat. At least in my opinion.


    B Brendan – I’m not sure what your point is here. Airlines give out vouchers because the whole idea is to get you to fly with them again, notwithstanding that you had a bad or disappointing experience. They’re only worth something if you’re prepared to use them with that airline again. If you’ve sworn off them (which you seem to have done with United), then they’re worthless. If you’re willing to give them another go, then they’re usually a discount on the ticket or (sometimes) on-board spend good for a set period of time.

    I got given an €80 voucher by Finnair for broken IFE and poor service on a long-haul flight (partly down to a catalogue of mistiming and mis-interpretation on the part of the crew and myself). I’ve had good flights with Finnair before so I’m going to use that voucher before it expires at the end of this year.

    But YMMV.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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