How to get Turkish Airlines to respond to a complaint?

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  • WesleyMoran

    I so agree with you, they say your issues will be addressed,someone will be I. Touch, they never do, they just hope you will forget


    Can you pleas email me the Adress of who you talked to <a href="mailto:[email protected]“>[email protected]. Thanks


    Wesley, if you mean the e-mail address I wrote to in Business Traveller, it was: <a href="“>”>

    When TK’s customer service eventually responded (after BT contacted them), they offered me a one-way upgrade from economy to business on a long haul flight if a seat is available, valid for one year from the date of their e-mail.

    Since I now travel business class on long haul flights, I asked them would I be able to upgrade on the second leg (my flights are usually Singapore to Dublin, and if using TK, via Istanbul) and the return journey using Krisflyer (Star Alliance) miles. Not surprisingly, I never heard from them! So I took the advice of other posters above and haven’t used TK since. As “alistairNicoll” said above, TK must have learned their customer service from Ryanair!


    I had a 6 hour flight this mrning from Central Asia to IST with TK in business. They thought it appropriate to use a short haul configured B737. The First Officer from the outward leg of the flight was sitting next to me so I asked him why this was – it transpired he could not speak English. Even he didn’t bother to trun off his phone, put his chair upright for landing etc. I have no option but to fly TK on business in Central Asia (and have a gold card with them) but their attitude to safety and service is quite shocking.


    Glad I just read this.

    Am about to book a flight to Narita and TA was coming up cheapest (through IST), but will look elsewhere now.

    In my experience Air Berlin is the worse Airline I have ever encountered for customer service, (Ryanair is better) and will be posting about my experience when the latest deadline passes with the bunch of cowboys


    I don’t have first hand experience but I have followed closely the experience of my mother and two friends with Alitalia.
    In all 3 cases, I was disgusted with their customer service.
    We now have our own joke, if we want to secure or hide something. Give it to Alitalia, you’ll never see it again.



    thanks for sharing your experience. I just had a horrible experience with their ground staff flying out of IST, and wanted to let Star Alliance know about it (as I am a Gold member). Could you please share with me the contact information you used to reach them as I can’t seem to find it on their website? Many thanks.


    I’ve been trying to resolve a trivial issue, and had to hunt for the following link.

    Hopefully it might help


    Hi Aluotak,
    I can’t find the Star Alliance e-mail address I used (lost on my old computer!), but it was one I found on the Star Alliance website – search for ‘customer service’ or ‘contact’. Hopefully that will provide you with the address you need.


    Tirana1 – 05/10/2013 16:56 GMT :I had a 6 hour flight this mrning from Central Asia to IST with TK in business. They thought it appropriate to use a short haul configured B737. The First Officer from the outward leg of the flight was sitting next to me so I asked him why this was – it transpired he could not speak English

    I find that assertion astonishing. English is the official language for international air traffic : While it is still possible to avoid this requirement for flight crew where they speak the local language(s) used by ground air traffic control stations, I would have thought there couldn’t be many international pilots with no English nowadays…


    Ian……maybe he just didn’t want to talk!! Hope he had a couple of beers to make him sleep……


    Hi comfy53

    Can you also forward the information to me?

    Yesterday we meet the Turkish airline they cancel the flight and not allow us to have hotel even we have HK visa.

    When we ask about what is the solution (we have one passenger who is pregnant and cannot stay all night in the airport without rest) one of their ground staff shout at us and said this is not their problem. The only thing we can do is wait.



    So, I receive a note from TK informing me of a schedule change & to call their 0845 number. After holding (at my expense) for 12 mins I speak to someone who clearly cannot understand a word I am saying but we persevere – Once he has confirmed all my information he dissapears & does not reappear – I disconnect the call after 18 minutes & redial. After holding for 12 mins again, another person answers, much better English but I have to repeat the whole saga again. This person is rude beyong belief – he asks me for my ticket number, I tell him my confirmation code, he shouts that he must have the ticket number or he “won’t help me”, I find my ticket number and pass it over. There is a mix up over the travel date – I say 25th but he hears 26th – he says “So you don’t even know which day you travel?? then I can’t help you”

    Seems that they have changed the time of one sector of a 3 sector flight meaning I can’t make the final connection. I ask him what he can do to assist, he tells me “we refund you” – I tell him that’s not an option – he then suggests I “travel a week earlier or a week later”???
    Impossible I tell him, I am in the USA the week before – his response was “I don’t care where you are, that’s not my problem”.

    I suggest that I stay overnight in Antalya airport at their expense and get the connector next day he says “No, we don’t pay hotel for you…this is not our problem”

    Finally I’m getting annoyed so I tell him – “sir, I find you to be very rude. Please don’t tell me what you are Not going to do, instead please focus on what you will do for me – it’s TK who took the booking & made the schedule change”
    I also warned him that I record all calls of this nature so there can be no misunderstandings at a later date… and asked him to go ahead and make the change to the ticket.
    His response to this – “well I am also recording this so I don’t care what you are doing – do you want me to change your ticket or not”

    Finally, he changes the ticket, told me I had to go to Manchester airport to confirm the changes & put the phone down.

    I honestly cannot think that I have encountered such rudeness in all my years of travelling (flying several sectors every week).
    I am thoroughly disgusted with TK but as above, I am not sure how to make a more formal complaint?


    A lesson to us all….AVOID Turkish “Airlines” at all costs. There is a good reason that they are cheap…third world carrier. They also have a habit of breaking their planes…badly!


    Seasoned traveller – spot on

    Their English language option is as well being press 2 for Cherokee!

    I detest English speaking arrogance and I can now understand how non English speaking people feel when having to deal with boorish anglophiles

    Fortunately I can verse the phonetic alphabet

    My frustration ultimately led me to pen a letter to their CEO, alas no reply!

    Edited to add. —- complaining to TK, just think of the addage—- well that’s 10 minutes of my life I won’t get back.

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