How much longer for Jet Airways?

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  • SimonS1

    But undoubtedly the demise of Jet has come at a handy time so the 787s can be redeployed on a lucrative route.

    I always wondered who would want to leave JNB at 7am, makes for a very early start. And even for Y passengers a 380 is far preferable.


    A swap request was submitted, 27th April, to Airport Coordination Ltd whereby Air Serbia is to take over 7 weekly slot pairs, leased from Etihad for an undisclosed sum. These were previously used by Jet.

    These will be utilised on the LHR – Belgrade until the end of summer season on Oct 26th.

    An Etihad A320 will be used on the sectors.


    A swap request was submitted, 27th April, to Airport Coordination Ltd whereby Air Serbia is to take over 7 weekly slot pairs, leased from Etihad for an undisclosed sum. These were previously used by Jet.

    Here’s our news piece today.

    The extra flights start May 19.

    Air Serbia to almost double London-Belgrade service


    And Etihad will use its other remaining slots to boost LHR services this summer.

    Etihad to boost London service by 50 per cent


    Air India to offer huge discounts on booking last-minute flight tickets. Details inside
    Air India recently announced that it will be providing huge discounts on the sale of all its last-minute flight bookings starting from May 10.
    ir India is all set to provide huge respite to its passengers who are battling the recent flight ticket price hike after Jet Airways shut down. The national carrier is all set to offer great discounts on last-minute flight bookings.

    Recently, Air India announced that it will be providing huge discounts on the sale of all its last-minute flight bookings starting from May 10.

    According to PTI, the airline will offer a flat 50 percent discount on last-minute bookings soon.

    In a recent statement, the national air carrier said that it will provide the discounts on its last-minute inventories, but they did not reveal the exact discount they will provide, reports said.

    They also said in the statement that now last-minute travellers, especially those travelling for emergencies, can book tickets at much cheaper rates.

    The cynic in me says they might be desperate for cash.


    @CAPTONIANM – Yes i believe they are on a ‘life support machine’ and have been for sometime.
    I also read that they have many airframes ‘laid-up’, as they cannot afford the spare parts including many new engines for routine maintenance.
    They must have a very low maintenance standards because a B772 that EY acquired from them some years back, but not that long ago, has been retired recently by EY and it went to Kemble in the UK for scrapping, I believe it is maybe no more than 13 or 15 years old.


    Their fleet utilisation as at January 2019 was 9.85 hours which must be one of the lowest in the industry for a major airline.
    17 aircraft appear to be grounded with their 4 B747s on very light duties( there are 1 or perhaps 2 more but they have no engines) .
    The utilisation of their mostly leased 787 fleet looks poor also with only three quarters of this fleet being daily utilised leving 5 or 6 frames daily unused.
    It’s not all together surprising that they are on ‘life support’.



    There is light at the end of the tunnel.

    There’s a chap called Jason Unsworth who worked as a cabin steward for Ryanair, then as a check-in clerk for one of the companies at LTN, and then he went to Primark to stock shelves. He’s extremely knowledgeable about everything to do with business in general and the airline industry in particular, and he’s put forward a rescue plan for Jet Airways.

    He has a team of hugely talented and experienced airline people on his board, and will be able to restore Jet Airways to profitability.
    Start watching at 01’17” and then about about 4’20” if you don’t want to listen to the whole painful thing.

    I will refrain from further comment as it is wrong to mock the afflicted. Draw your own conclusions.

    Here’s his website :

    Thinking that this would be an opportunity for me post-retirement to get back into the industry, I wrote to him asking about opportunities as advertised on his ‘careers’ page.

    Dear Sir

    I have read about your fantastic idea for a start up airline and I think you have the right ideas and will revolutionise the industry. I can see Willy Walsh, Alan Joyce, Michael O’Leary, Johan Lundgren, Carsten Spohr, and many other industry leaders quaking in their boots as they perceive the threat to their businesses from yourself.

    I have worked in the airline industry for over 40 years, in positions from ramp agent, ticket agent, airport check in, aircraft technician, sales manager, revenue management, station manager, cabin manager, flight engineer, first officer, captain, training captain, and fleet captain. I also designed flight simulators and passenger management systems, and I invented a revolutionary aircraft engine that doesn’t have those things on the front that go round and round.

    I am familiar with all the major GDS and Flight Management/DCS systems such as Sabre, TravelPort, Altea, and many others.

    I am now looking for a new opportunity and your airline seems like an ideal pursuit. I am currently based in Ireland and in South Africa, commuting between my homes there in my fleet of private jets.

    I speak English as my native language, as well as German, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Swahili, Afrikaans, and French. I am currently learning Excrementus Taurinus. I hold Irish and South African citizenship.

    I am available from the middle of May and look forward to receiving details of opportunities you may have, as well as confirmation of your start date and routes.

    Thank you and best regards

    I have not had a reply Can’t imagine why.

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    In the UK Jet Airways is officially “suspended.”

    But one of the Courts in Holland has now declared this airline “bankrupt.”

    via (Dutch language)

    Tom Otley

    Latest on this…

    Jet Airways founder stopped from leaving IndiaNaresh Goyal and his wife forced to disembark from flight

    “Naresh Goyal and his wife were forced to disembark an Emirates flight on Saturday, according to local media reports. The plane had reached the runway and was about to take off when it was forced to turn back. Mr Goyal and his wife were removed from the plane by immigration officers, according to an airport official.”

Viewing 11 posts - 61 through 71 (of 71 total)
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