How long it will take Lufthansa to solve a claim?

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    I sent my claim 150 days ago. I remained in touch with Lufthansa> I sent my claim to European organisation and they follow through. Yet no answer or decision from Lufthansa. Does anyone observe the same?

    You can read more onto my blog:

    Thanks for reading.


    Well, not new to me. Call their hotline and get more pushy!

    I got my nightmare experience with Emirates. As a gold member & loyal First / Business flier I have been waiting for more than 11 months (despite several reminders) and after getting really pushy the EK customer service came up with stupid excuses and inappropriate replies showing me even more that Emirates is a bunch of unprofessional, careless and uncoordinated people. As you might guess, Emirates won’t see me and people in my professional & private circle of influence any more.


    I read your blog but you do not mention by how long your flight was delayed or in which way it was changed.

    I’m also confused by the remark “140 days later and we’re passengers, but not my fault we’re in Djakarta”.

    With some more information perhaps we can advise if you have a case or not.


    As a by the way, I’ve been flying Swiss (Swissair) and Lufthansa for more than 35 years on countless number of flights. In all that time I’ve only had 3 bad experiences that warranted my contacting them. All three cases were dealt with professionally and promptly to my complete satisfaction.

    In one case ex LCY to Zurich, they did not inform me the flight had been cancelled due to fog, so I left my pit early making the 6 am trek to City. I was rather irritated to be told of the cancellation, then looked at my phone, which was still on silent, to discover SMS’ s had been sent the night before as well as in the morning informing me I’d been re-booked ex LHR.

    I apologised profusely and was so embarrassed but the girl laughed it off, gave me vouchers for breakfast, booked me on a later BA flight so I could still make a decent connection to Lugano and on top, I received a CHF 100 voucher off another Swiss flight for the inconvenience, even though it wasn’t their fault. And all on a very cheap Economy ticket!


    Emirates. Forget about trying to claim, delays, lost luggage, anything. Lost luggage I was left to sort out delivery direct with local agents as Emirates was both unable and unwilling to do it. I am a gold member, but staff on the ground hopeless.

    Have transferred my loyalty to Qatar for very regular n Europe to S African flights C class.


    I can only echo the experiences of ‘LuganoPirate’. I have found both Lufthansa and Swiss to be nothing but exemplary in their service and when things have gone wrong they have worked hard to put them right while keeping me informed. I recently had a problem with a seat in Business on a flight to the Middle East, a couple of attempts were made to fix it without success and I was moved to First with apologies, a glass of champagne and a later visit from the CSD with an offer for a complaints form if I wanted. There was a follow up email from them a day or so later explaining what the problem had been (loose wire) and some points for my account as a further apology.

    In my experience it is how an airline deals with things when it goes wrong that mark it out for good or bad (cough Turkish Airlines cough !)


    You’re right Charles, it is how an airline resolves a problem that counts. Mistakes can always happen, whatever the business.


    I agree LP, but I have recorded on this forum some poor behaviour by LH following a long flight delay and a downgrade from business class. Compensation for the downgrade took a couple of months. They tried to deny responsibility for the delay, but managed to obtain the correct compensation after about six months.


    Like LuganoPirate my experience with LH when things have gone wrong has exceeded my expectations. One was lost luggage onan LHR-FRA-ATH and the other was a flight dancellation due to tech problems on a Moscow – Frankfurt. On both occasions they went beyond the minimum required to please me…..both economy.

    Have flown Swiss a few times, never had a problem. Did fly Edelweiss on a return trip to Heraklion once, I believe they are a Swiss subsidiary….no problems other than food I felt to be inappropriate, a minor issue to be honest.


    Schaible – 13/01/2015 06:26 GMT
    showing me even more that Emirates is a bunch of unprofessional, careless and uncoordinated people. As you might guess, Emirates won’t see me and people in my professional & private circle of influence any more.

    Interestingly, Emirates lack of customer service is a fairly common feature on this forum, many posters citing that they are happy enough in the air but should anything go wrong EK aren’t good at responding.

    I too am EK Gold and they are my preferred airline. I’ve had 2 occasions in the past 12 months to contact them, once to thank their ground crew at Sydney for changing my DXB flight, and once just last month to complain about their driver in Dubai who spent the entire journey to Abu Dhabi both on his phone and farting. (At last, a bloke who can multi-task)

    On both occasions I received a reply immediately to inform me that they had received my correspondence, and on both occasions I got a follow up reply, the first time to assure me that the two ladies at Sydney airport had been made aware of my compliments, and the second time to profusely apologise for their driver and to award me 20K Skywards points. These were not cut n paste emails, they actually went to the trouble to address the communication I had sent.

    So, I’m afraid from my point of view I can’t agree with your sentiments about EK – they continue to be my airline of choice, in short, if EK fly the route I am taking EK get my business. Their customer service team have been helpful and quick to respond 100% of the time I’ve contacted them.



    Etihad…so called Guest services…

    Goes on and On…..everyone and their dogs have responded but after about 20 + emails still nil positive response or conclusion…..?

    Used to sing the praises of their Service but getting a wee bit…whats the word…begins wi a P…ends with an F……one more go…

    Request ref a Milage upgrade…September 2014…last year

    Hi Guest Gold…Quick question Please

    My wife and I are booked to go back to etc……etc…etc


    You have lost me completely there Terry. I wonder if Etihad has similar issues.


    Well it makes me worried seeing that some people are waiting for a response after 150 days. I have been waiting for a month and still no response to my letter/email. My com plait originated from a flight change. The change included three of my flights and I was never notified by email or any other message I was viewing my reservation and it said choose new seats. I was unable to find out what flights had been changed and unable to choose new seats. So after trying to figure out the Lufthansa website I decided to call the help number provided. After calling the number a man answered the phone and I stated my problem and he claimed that the phone number had nothing to do with the website and gave me a different number to call. I called the number given and someone answered the phone and I again stated my problem. He then said they have nothing to do with bookings and gave me yet again a new number to call. I called that number and a voice recharging answered and said that the department was closed. I waited till the next day when they were open to call. A man answered the phone and I stated my problem to him and he told me to call the number I first called. I told him that the number you gave me said they had nothing to do with the website. I told him they told me my problem was with the website. He then started to ask me questions on why my issue should be affiliated with the website and his attitude started to decline when I again told him the previous numbers I have called and what they had stated. Tired of his attitude I called the number once again and a women answered the phone. I told her my problem and finally after multiple days of trying to find a easy answer this lady answered my question and provided me with extra info. I find it amazing that I am having such a hard time finding information about my flight that is payed for and what a bad experience I am having before I even get on the plane.


    Simon…sorry did seem a bit convoluted….on re-reading…..

    Basically have about 150 K miles and asked to UPgrade on a flight back to UK….using miles….

    Now 5 months later…and 7-8 different Guest Supervisors responses…”thanks for your request etc”…still going on…

    Ho Hum……methinks time for a change…..

    Wonder maybe go for Air Koryo……….

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