How long for a BA Refund ?

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    We were on downgraded Club Europe to Euro Traveller flights on 19 and 27 May. We were promised downgrade refunds – nothing yet, how long is it acceptable to wait albeit the number of claims to be processed must be huge ?


    When I cancelled a flight due to the volcanic ash problems it took nearly a month for the credit to hit my account


    Ive been waiting since 22 May for refund following volcanic ash, and despite phoning a few times a week, each time they add on to how long it will be. The lady yesterday said that it could be weeks and was totally unhelpful. Ryanair are probably more efficient!


    It took about a month for the refund on my credit card on a normal redemption booking cancellation in May (although the points were recredited immediately).


    Most odd: I had to cancel a number of bookings during the ash-related disruption and the greatest delay that I experienced in receiving a refund back to my American Express card was 72 hours.

    BA’s website was also, I might add, the quickest and most-straight forward to make a cancellation on; I also used Eurostar’s, Lufthansa’s, Condor’s, Jet2’s, flybe’s, bmi’s and KLM’s websites for the same purpose.

    Of those, only LH, BD and KL actually had any functionality at all in this regard. The rest required emails to be sent to even request a refund.

    I suspect that Travellator‘s issue will be more complicated however, and will take some further time to process as it’s not a straightforward cancellation and refund scenario.

    If you have waited more than seven days since your last contact then I would certainly log into your BAEC account and send a message via the Contact Us link.


    My experience, too. 3 days for the refund for the one flight I needed to re-book during the ash crisis.

    I also think using the online Contact Us form is the best course of action, including as much relevant detail as you can.


    Fascinating to look at this thread. I was cancelled by BA; bmiBaby; Ryanair and Monarch during the “Ash crisis”. Ryanair were quickest at first, then decided they wouldn’t refund anyone, then realised the error of thier ways and reminded me, belatedly, then refunded within 7 days; Monarch took about 30 dsays, as did bmiBaby.
    I am strill waiting for BA 2 months later despite currently being a gold card holder.
    BA have totally lost my vote now. Silver next year, Blue after that. I have no loyalty, or confidence, now.


    I cancelled a flight with BA prior to the ash and strike saga (so you could consider it normal operating conditions) and it took about 7-10 for the refund to hit my bank account.

    I’m (personally) not a big fan of the “Contact Us” function as I find the responses unhelpful most of the time meaning I need to call up to resolve the issue anyway.

    I do find when using the website for straightforward booking doing end to end transactions the process is relatively smooth if not a tad lengthy.


    FaroFlyer: I ask this only out of curiosity, but may we know how you booked your BA flight in the first place?

    For one reason or another, I end up cancelling more than a few arrangements each year; sometimes fully-flex and sometimes non-flex where I can still recoup some of the taxes. I have never, and I’m quite sure of this, waited more than 7 days for the refund to show on my card however.

    I always book direct, never through a third party, which makes me wonder whether you’d used an agent or a corporate system to make your original booking; or whether there is some further complication in your arrangements that (albeit perhaps inexcusably) are slowing things down.

    If you have a moment to respond then it’d be interesting to know, even if your situation simply suggests how unusually lucky I might have been.


    Re my original post.

    Refund received yesterday for flights 19 and 27 May.

    Not straightforward I suppose but for refund between Club and Traveller due to downgraded aircraft.

    Refund was NOT full differenece in fare prices at time of booking.

    Still waiting 5 weeks for an Aer Lingus refund however and they take 15 % cancellation on a fully flex ticket !


    With regards to the ash cloud the agency I work for refunded straight away same day if pax bank was same us ours standard 3 – 4 days if not. This said we are still waiting for the funds from a few airlines worst being AF


    BA fails to honour promise of flight cancellation refund
    April 17th 2010, due to volcanic eruptions, BA cancelled our flights from Sicily and two months later (June 8th) they promised us by e-mail £752 for two flights and three days of hotel/meals/train travel across Europe from Sicily (total cost £1200). June 11th we received £252 and today (July 12th) BA is continuing to look into the other £500 as we approach the 3 month anniversary since out flights were cancelled. They have our bank account details, we have their e-mail promising £752, so how about honouring your promise and transferring the £500. How difficult is that ?


    BA took 28 days to process my travel expenses claim for the volcanic disruption and just 7 days to deal with my cancelled Verona flight and the additional costs associated with that.
    I cannot complain either about the processing time nor about how they handled the issues they have faced either at the time or subsequently.
    I understand they have had in excess of 60,000 claims so far for the volcano disruption and so 28 days is not bad going.


    There is no such thing as a “three month anniversary”.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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