How is the tourist life in Istanbul?

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    Insider’s guide to Istanbul; useful Tips & information to make life easy for the First Time Istanbul Tourist.

    Istanbul is a strange, enormous city and vibrant place that you’ll want to visit, because of the unique influences of three different empires. This ancient city was once Constantinople; a city at the centre of the world. Istanbul is located on Asia and Europe, the Bosphorus River carving her between the two continents, and clearly carving up ancient and modern influences too. Istanbul is a fascinating city of great antiquity and a trading crossroads of historical silk road, a role still reflected in the lively Grand Bazaar.

    This article gives the Turkey traveller a starting point in terms of the main places to visit in Istanbul & the tourist life in Istanbul;

    Best Tourist Attractions to do in Istanbul: There is so much to see in this hot, ancient metropolis; but the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace are surely a must, along with a lengthy exploratory meander of the narrow streets, public markets, where this timeless city truly comes to life.

    First time visitors to Istanbul will encounter many cultural differences which might dismay. A few tips which mentioned below will prepare the tourist for a different way of doing business and a different cultural style.

    Culture: The first time visitor to Istanbul needs to be ready that they will encounter with the Islamic culture and an aggressive sales style in and around Grand Bazaar,

    Life in Istanbul: There is a sense of fun and freedom in the streets of Istanbul, the people are friendly,

    Drink: Alcohol is freely available in Istanbul and almost whole around Turkey,

    Districts to Stay: First time visitor of Istanbul may prefer to stay in the area known as Sultanahmet(Old City). This is the old city which has houses all the major tourist attractions in Istanbul or you may prefer Taksim district it is famous for Taksim Square and Istiklal street;this pedestrian avenue is undoubtedly Istanbul’s symbol of modernity and is the meeting point of the city’s youth. There are of course many shops, trendy bars, cafes and restaurants. If you are looking for youth attractions or night life in Istanbul you may prefer to stay one of good hotels in Taksim.

    Safety: It is generally safe environment,(You should be careful against probable incidents of larceny in the trams or while you are sitting in a restaurant keep your handbags.Please note that Istanbulians(Turkish people are very friendly) but unfortunately we also have bad people. Do not worry beause percentage of reported crime is very low comparing any European metropols.)

    Food: Fabulous,

    Tourist Wear: On the streets one can prefer to wear whatever they wish.(Shorts, mini skirts, tights…etc. but Ladies should be aware of some womanizer guys compliments)

    Wearing Style to enter places of religious significance: Women need a scarf to enter places of religious significance like the relics room in Imperial Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque, and should not have bare shoulders or legs. Men should not wear shorts during their visit to enter places of religious significance. Shoes must be taken off before entry to the Mosque is permitted.

    By keeping these a few facts in mind the tourist will get the most out of this strikingly different metropolis.

    Enjoy your Istanbul trip!
    You may check my blog for more travel tips & advice about Istanbul & Turkey.
    Insider Tips By Istanbul Trip Advisor

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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