How have I benefitted from the BT forum?

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    I have been an ardent reader of the BT forum over the last couple of years. While I have been largely silent over the time, my recent trip to Singapore really brought out how I have benefited from reading the forum here and wish to share how I have benefitted.

    As a background, I am not a very frequent traveler and hence didn’t really have status with airlines (except silver once with BA) or hotels (except Taj Hotels where I am gold). I take one overseas trip a year for work (business class) and another 3 or 4 personal trips (mix of biz and economy / mix of overseas and domestic)

    1. Aegean Miles&Bonus – I first read about the Aegean FF program here on the BT Forum and getting Star G at 20K miles seemed attractive and possible given my travel pattern. One economy trip on Turkish (BOM-IST-CGN, VIE-IST-BOM), one J trip on Thai (BOM-BKK-CNX-HKT-BKK-BOM) and one J trip on SQ (BOM-SIN-BOM), got me past the 20K mark and the coveted Star Gold status. Worked like a charm on my recent trip to Singapore on SQ in economy – lounge access (while Mrs. PM came with me, the lounge staff helped us by allowing Mstr PM (6yrs) in the lounge with us), J check-in, priority bags (that worked)

    2. Le Club Accor Platinum – A promotional link was posted here giving platinum status. On this trip, staying at Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay – given early check in at 10am, late check out, upgrade to premier floor with all the benefits. Couldn’t have asked for more.

    The above two just highlight my biggest travel gains from the BT Forum. Thank you posters for these and the other interesting and informative items I have come across. Apart from some pro BA and anti BA banter, it has been a lovely forum to follow.

    What is the biggest gain you have had from the BT Forum?


    What a great topic Prakash
    Apologies in advance, if I incorrectly credit people whose advice I’ve acted on and benefitted from.

    Pat for his EI status match.
    Bath _ VIP for his split ticketing advice
    Ian & the HK gang for not unsurprisingly HK advice that doesn’t involve the “The Fong “ or “Wan Chai “ : )
    SM and his nom de plumes for certain BA advice.

    Ironically all the advice taken I’ve used for leisure travel rather than business.

    And finally although I’m not as high a flyer as some people on the forum the greatest benefit has got to be how enriched I feel by reminding me that I’m a lucky chap, and my moans and groans are actually trivial in the bigger scheme of things. Oh and I do naughtily enjoy the BA bouts : )



    Thanks for the split ticketing comment, though some of my advice I think originally came from another poster (possibly BT themselves).

    I have definitely picked up some benefits from reading this forum. In no particular order.

    1. Made aware of the Arriva Trains Premier Service from Cardiff to North Wales. Used it for the first time last week and it is one of the best train rides around. Thanks to NIRscot (I think!).
    2. Many people for tips on ex-EU fares.
    3. One of the Scots (can’t remember who) for pointing out that EI offer DUB-BOS in C for much reduced avios rates.
    4. One of our French colleagues (my memory is really showing through now!) for highlighting the fantastic IB offer of C class returns to the US for €1,000 at the end of last year which I took advantage of.

    I am sure there are more that will come to mind.


    No particular order:

    Advice on best BA CW seats on particular flights
    Being able to get booze from Starbucks at LHR T5C 😉
    Advice on particular flights or itineraries – chances here several people have done a route several times before so it is a great place to ask for personal input on the best options
    Deleting cookies to reset airlines’ online pricing
    Of interest, although we haven’t been able to use any so far, information about airline promotions – we live in hope!
    Fascinating input from crew members – usually the posts I enjoy most of all (thanks to rferguson, bacrew1, handbag, HonestCrew and all the other hard-working staff who are passionate enough about their work to spend their leisure time pandering to us travellers even more!)

    And perhaps most of all, camaraderie and entertainment!


    Ian from HKG, I agree with you about the comments from crewmembers and also Tim Fitzgerald gives useful info especially on the complexity of different classes and upgrades



    many thanks for your kind words.

    Aer Liingus must take some of the credit, however. It was they who listened to me (a mere individual) and launched the BMI Diamond Club at that particular time.

    Like Ian, I enjoy the camaraderie and entertainment on this forum, not to mention the many time and money saving tips.



    Loads of information about airlines, airports, places to visit, and more – just today the thread on bbc tv access outside the uk!


    I’ve benefitted in many ways, recovering the cost of my magazine subscription many times over.

    A few things come to mind and I’m sorry I can’t remember who to credit with the information but I know I thanked them in the relevant thread.

    Gold Cards with KLM and Hilton.
    Urgent help with a chauffeur driven car ex LHR.
    Advice on hotels
    On travel

    Well many more but I can’t think of them on the spot.
    Still, thanks to one and all.



    Saved, a very significant amount of money through:

    ex-Europe tickets

    London City – New York booking on AA (not BA)..

    Deleting cookies

    I will also add, changing/adjusting travelling style in general following reading about how different people approach travelling, from packing, to booking, to justifiably complaining and often praising… I thought I was quite an experienced traveller……..hopefully, one day I will be as experienced as some of you, I still feel I have a LOT more to learn…

    Best of all though, I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few of the regulars all of whom are “top people”, including several who have sadly departed (FROM THE FORUM, not life!!)…

    I have taken a look at Flyer Talk and have made a few posts, but quite frankly…. I far prefer BT board…. which I feel is far more beneficial (for me)….


    Ian_from_HKG – 15/05/2014 13:58 GMT
    rjhcambs – 15/05/2014 14:10 GMT

    It’s is great to know that our contributions are so appreciated. 🙂


    What a lovely topic!

    I’ve learnt a helluva lot from the Forum – most of which has been set out above. I do know that thanks to the posters here I’ve saved several thousand pounds on leisure travel through learning how to use airmiles and hotel points and sales.

    I’ve also learnt a lot about the industry thanks to crew, participants and interested observers.

    So I’ll add my thanks to all and long may it continue.



    handbag – you and your colleagues are very very welcome! Just keep those comments coming!

    I would add one other thing – I learnt a lot of safety tipsand did some “safety thinking” of my own. While nothing is a complete panacea in the event of airline disaster, I think I have improved my chances a fair bit (may I never have to prove the veracity of that statement!)


    How rude of me to forget the very people who have to put up with us, the moaning public, so apologies to all CC in my 2nd post for not acknowledging that I’ve benefitted from all your insightful comments. Being brought up in an airline family its very interesting to see how things have changed.

    So I whole heartily 2nd Ian’s comment below……
    “Fascinating input from crew members – usually the posts I enjoy most of all (thanks to rferguson, bacrew1, handbag, HonestCrew and all the other hard-working staff who are passionate enough about their work to spend their leisure time pandering to us travellers even more!)”


    Yes great, much appreciated insights from the cabin crew.

    Tips gleaned on hotels and carriers have certainly encouraged me to try different ones and have been grateful for the experience. So thanks all who have shared.

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