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    I was in the very nice Galleries Lounge at
    T5 yesterday afternoon waiting for my flight.
    It still amazes me how greedy and in my eyes sad people can get. There was a bloke sitting near me asking within 1 hour or so to have 6 drinks served, he obviously could not be bothered getting them himself, yet the staff very duly and courteous responded to his requests.
    But it did not stop there, much to my amazement and that of others he kept going to the food buffett three times to take about 10 biscuits a “go” which he then placed into his cabin bag. I mean come on, they are nice biscuits but this is really greedy and sad. I understand if you fancy taking a couple of nibbles for the flight but this guy obviously collects them to take home as presents or whatever. A lady who sat opposite me just started laughing when she saw me watching this guy, yes it was funny to watch but come on,..
    Any thoughts or other experiences on this?


    My particular peccadillo are the hand wipes offered by Swiss and Lufthansa. I usually take about 10 per lounge visit!!! You cannot buy them in the shops (you can only buy the awful smelly ones that make your hands feel sticky after use) and with 2 young kids they can be a godsend. + it’s good advertising for the airlines.

    On arrival, they can be used if the bathroom facilities are not up to scratch, or for cleaning down a stained suitcase or wiping the wheel of the rented car amongst others.

    I don’t however hog up on the food except for the fish croquettes in Portugal or a particular biscuit that my kids and the nanny love, also from Portugal. Cannot find them in the shops so a good wedge of those go in the briefcase and the gratitude I receive is worth more than the odd look I get from fellow “Loungers”.

    All to one’s own I suppose, so perhaps he had a good reason as well, and I’m sure if he was traveling C or F the airline can stretch to the odd overloader!!!


    I may have missed the point of this, but I imagine you are looking for examples of gratuitous grabbing of freebies rather than recommendations of what to grab.

    If it’s the former, hotel club floors are a good example – at one I visited earlier this month, free alcoholic drinks were available along with nibbles between 530pm and 730pm. I got there are 7pm and several people were already drunk, and judging by the lack of food, they were probably pretty full as well. Then on the way out one guy made a detour round to the reception desk and grabbed a handful of the mints, as though that would be enough to fool whoever he was going out to meet.


    Pity we can take a few dinner menu’s from Singapore or a few cook to order dishes at Makaysian Airlines lunge in KL Eh?

    Always handy for squeezing out some choice high end creams & fine shampoos in the finer hotels, ideal for travelling next time for a stop over! Not all good hotels have the best toiletries!

    I wonder what the most unusual item borrowed from the cabin, or journey from an airline is then?!!


    I think it’s fine to take a few shampoos and soaps – hotels seem to expect it – Malmaison toiletries even have a label saying “take me” on the bottle because they know you will. Slippers in rooms also can be taken because they can’t be used again.
    I’ve seen people taking blankets off the plane which is a bit much.


    I confess to taking a wine glass from BA Club World on the way in to HKG transferring to China. I can then enjoy a glass of duty free wine in the hotel room while working, as I hate drinking wine from toothmugs. I then return the glass to BA on the return flight.
    If anyone has noticed me nicking a glass prior to arrival in HKG that is the reason.


    I took a rookie from my office away a few months ago. It was his first lounge experience. I jokingly told him to get his monies worth as it was very expensive to the company to have us both go Club.

    I have never seen anything like it; I loked up from my paper to see him gorging on chocolates, crisps and cakes, drinking wine like it was going out of fashion! Even on board he carried on to the point of making himself sick. The hard headed have to feel to believe!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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