How British Airways should celebrate its centenary in 2019

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  • Tom Otley

    You asked for this thread, so here it is.

    To be fair, we’re at least 9 months early…. but it was this story that kicked it off and the news about the new uniforms.

    100 years of British Airways: Airline to launch new uniform to celebrate its centenary


    shame they can’t celebrate with a non-stop to Sydney (bit too soon)


    Bring back the customer-centric culture that King and Matthews instilled during their double act. In their day, Cruz wouldn’t have made it through the door.


    Of course I meant to say Marshall…….


    customer focus or pricing that reflects the hard product

    I note they have dropped out of the top 20 British brands


    It isn’t really their centenary.

    The airline celebrating 100 years in 1919 is Instone Airlines and airline formed to carry bills of lading to ships, which later diversified into carrying racehorses and which was re-formed in 1976, as InstoneAir, being a specialist in carrying animals and exotic animals. These days, tey do not have aircraft (I believe that their last aircraft was a DC6),but specialise in designing and manufacturing specialist equipment to transport animals and acting as a charterer or agent to book flights.

    1924 (the birth of Imperial Airways) is BA’s true centenary – it was formed from the acquisition of Instone and three others and the Speedbird logo was Imperials.

    Imperial became BOAC in 1939 and BEA was formed in 1946.

    BA was formed in 1973 from the merger of the above two and others.

    So the true bloodline starts in 1924, not 1919.

    And let’s celebrate Instone, a truly innovative and excellent UK company.


    perhaps a series of liveries through the ages (painted onto the current fleet), including those that caused Thatcher so much offence, and bring Concorde back for the year


    BA really do have a cheek…..

    07 Oct 1919 is a proper date to celebrate in the aviation industry ……a real centenary !!!

    Anyway, if they are going to crash somebody else’s party, I’d go along with AST’s suggestion in regards to the livery.
    Sadly , if they go all blue and gold and resurrect the BOAC days, the perception might be that the “good ol’ days” are back : )
    Then again , I suppose they could just paint a 320 in BEA red, white and blue !!


    I go along with AST´s (#856871) suggestion but go further.
    British Airways has been formed from many constituent airlines over the years. Would it not be an idea to recall them by painting (some of) the long and short haul fleets in the liveries of those airlines – at least on one side of the aircraft.
    Long-haul could have some painted as Imperial, BOAC, British South American,British Asia airlines, BOAC CUNARD, BMed, British Caledonian,and so on.
    Short -haul (in Europe and the Mediterrean) would have planes painted as BEA (at various stages of its history), Cambrian, Northeast, Brymon, Dan Air, BMI, etc.etc.
    To illustrate to the passengers where the livery is painted only on one side, it should be on the port side as that is where passengers embark. Maybe with the date of that livery`s use painted next to the door. An explanatory booklet/leaflet would be made available to passengers on every flight.
    At least, if done for a year,the views at airports would be less monotonous. Also it maybe would stimulate a new youngster´s “spotting” game.
    Any other suggestions?


    100 free seats up for grabs throughout the year on a daily basis.

    I also agree that the present livery is long past its sell by date.


    How should BA celebrate 100 years? I suggest

    [1] EITHER refit all Club Europe seats/areas so they are a proper business class, OR stop charging business class fares for Club Europe.

    [2] Bring the Club World seats up to date, this is 2018.

    [3] One-off bonus for cabin crew.


    Paint one plane BOAC logo and one BEA both lovely in there day. Could we bring the service too? AND first class in one plane in Europe for a year……?


    I’ve got a great idea.

    How about removing the recline and tightening the seat pitch in short haul economy, to enhance the flying experience?

    BA can beat Ryanair, who are increasing pitch to 31″ on their new 73 max, by going down to 29″.

    That will show O’Leary!

    Who would have thought that BA business class would have less seat pitch than Ryanair?


    Get rid of all upper management.

    Replace with people who know how to run a premium legacy airline and who care more about customers than shareholders. If customers are happy, the benefits of that will filter down to shareholders.

    Take back control over the currently outsourced services which deal direct with customers, particularly IT and catering.

    Did I say get rid of upper management? Un despido de todos los altos gerentes. Posiblemente seria mejor decirlo en Euskera.


    capetonianm, muy bien,muy bien

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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