How a world No 1 airline treat the loyalty customers

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  • Patrick Wong

    Being a frequent traveler and PPS member for many years.I am really disappointed with the way how SQ treat their loyalty PPS member. I booked a full fare economy class ticket for SIN-CAN-SIN and decided to pay for a one way business class ticket back home at the airport which cost me more than USD600. Surprising that I was told by SQ after my trip that the business fare that I pay for do not consider for any PPS value. They consider it as an upgrade and I didn’t purchase the business in advance. I really feel cheated and why should I pay for something that I suppose to entitled but just because SQ ticket policy or last minute purchase at airport is not consider by them. I really have to re-consider what benefits being a loyalty PPS member.


    I suspect that you will find that airlines are ‘gently’ trying to phase out their so-called ‘loyalty’ schemes. I have long felt they were little better than a con trick. I know there are people here who do well out of them, but I find it so difficult to find redemption seats or upgrades that I have almost given up looking, which I appreciate is probably a self-defeating attitude.

    To the airlines, unredeemed ‘points’ constitute a liability which is carried forward in their books. Is it any wonder that some of the most profitable airlines don’t have FF schemes?

    Referring back to the original complaint here, I can fully understand why you are aggrieved – I probably would be too. I think the expression that comes to mind is : “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”


    They are all now frequent spender programs and little to do with anything else. As soon as you stop spending they will drop you like a rock. Things like last minute “cheap” upgrades don’t get you status as clearly the airlines are selling you the upgrade at a massive loss ….. NOT !!!!

    I’ve recently moved to US and amazed that when flying first class coast to coast, I don’t get lounge access unless I’m connecting same day to an international flight. Maybe this is the type of “enhancement” we can look forward to everywhere else.

    Years ago I was involved in a construction project at LHR and on the floor plan an area was labeled “CIP lounge”. I pointed out there was a typo as obviously it should be “VIP” and was told CIP = Commercially Important. And there you have it, give them unfettered access to your credit card and of course “they will stil love you in the morning”. If not you are just loss maker!

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    I suspect that you will find that airlines are ‘gently’ trying to phase out their so-called ‘loyalty’ schemes. I have long felt they were little better than a con trick.

    Just play the airline at their own game and the loyalty scheme (the one I use) works very well. If paying for an upgrade, I ask first whether I get award scheme points/status. Sometimes you lose, like a couple of weeks ago when I missed a flight…

    Last weekend I needed to make a last minute trip to Europe, ended in in C as nothing available in Y – most expensive part of the trip was the parking for 2 days at T5.

    My airline of choice is certainly no where near number 1, but in terms of value for money, I am still convinced they pay me to fly..


    SQ, whilst not alone, is notorious at being overly rigid and petty in its policies. Friends of mine who are Solitare have had a stark “no” when querying action imposed by SQ that was clearly wrong. Remember the farce around SQ´s new website 5+ years ago when there was no apology or attrition forthcoming. Maybe I have been lucky or Cathay Pacific does know how to look after its top tier frequent flyers. I have been a Diamond Member since 1994 and in that time they have been incredibly helpful in my getting award tickets when none appeared available, offered an extension to miles that were expiring etc etc. In short I felt valued something many of us here have said the opposite. Living in Singapore this means mostly going to wherever via HKG which takes a little longer and sometimes more expensive or less expensive. Why would I fly with anyone else.


    I’d tend to agree… but the income from wholesale selling of points or miles to CC companies is huge. A large portion as you point out will expire, be devalued or never redeemed.

    SQ is probably not deriving the same revenue as others from that and so considers accommodating its frequent flyers as more of a source of unnecessary cost than revenue.


    Airlines make billions in profits from selling on their miles etc. via credit cards or supermarkets.
    Its not something they’ll stop soon however they are getting meaner just like they are with ancillary income.
    You pay your money and you make your choice.


    Gold-2K, Changi even has a CIP Terminal, next to the VIP Terminal!!! Some carriers use it for First passengers, who have money but who are not VI.


    I have seen CIP Lounges at airports in the old soviet states, Tashkent, Shymkent, Astana for example and also at various airports in Pakistan i.e. Rahim Yar Khan.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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