Hotel’s Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

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  • Lola Yu

    Hello all!

    My team and I are doing a final year research project about hotel environmental sustainability. The team would like to look into new engagement appeals that could potentially motivate you to participate in the hotel’s environmental sustainability initiatives!

    The survey will take about approximately 5-8 minutes to complete and can be accessed via:

    Thank you and stay safe!


    I’ve done the survey. Good luck.

    You might consider removing or lightening the graphics. I am on a very slow connection, but it makes the pages slow to load.

    You might mention the following in your survey.
    Wasteful little plastic bottles of bathroom products which in some hotels are replaced daily even if almost full.
    Unnecessary air conditioning running all day even when the room is unoccupied.
    Drinking water in plastic bottles, not needed in most countries. A filter on the tap is better.
    Reminding people not to use electric lifts to go up or down one or two floors – laziness.
    Wastage at buffets when people take more than they can eat – greed, although I hope buffets will soon cease to be. Horrible unhygienic things.


    Survey done.

    Reminding people not to use electric lifts to go up or down one or two floors – laziness.

    In my regular hotel I stay on the 24th floor. I have asked in the past to be allowed to use the stairs, but the answer is always no, due to health and safety.

    Not having sheets and towels replaced everyday as part of a sustainability programme, would work in a far more effective manner, if ‘Green Room rates’ were marketed to show all benefits.


    Survey Done!



    I had some issues with the response scales used
    I felt that most of the scales were biased one way or an other(responses had to be positive or negative), meaning I couldn’t provide you with a true and accurate response in many instances.
    I found not having a neutral response point skewed my responses because my actions (e.g. attitude to reusing towels) often depend on differing circumstances such as length of stay etc.
    I hate being forced in surveys into giving either a positive or negative response when in reality in some circumstances I have no real opinion either way, which in reality is also a valid opinion.

    Also, your survey is set up in a way that someone unscrupulous could answer it several times giving different answers each time – Maybe you should think of putting a lock on the survey which stops multiple responses from the same respondent?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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