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    conair346 I’d rather not advise this. Anyway, to help us cool off and party here is Norwegian Kenyan Stella Mwangi with her song Haba Haba that almost represented Norway at Eurovision

    I prefer the song Lookie Lookie though ! Amazing tracks !



    Skyguy – whilst I would still say you should not have been as agressive as you were, frankly in this case judging by the reviews on Tripadvisor it would not have mattered either way.

    I once stayed at the Brittania Llandudno and wish I hadn’t, the room was aweful although the food was not bad. It was full of OAP’s on holiday who would join me at meal times and ask if I was on holiday. I wasn’t.

    Held some interviews in the Brittania Portland Street (its not te same one is it?) and the room they gave us was so difficult to find two people gave up and we didn’t see them. Having to arrange a seperate interview the next day at another hotel.



    What is it with people that keep bringing up the tone of my original complaint ?

    If I had sugar coated it then surely it wouldn’t be a complaint ?

    I say it is just as well it’s not El Al’s crew that are affected or they would for sure make it known.

    Security should be the first thing every hotel practices ; when you have people in your care you have an obligation to their care and comfort.



    Skyguy – the point I and a few others are trying to make is that you have to put yourself in the position of the person who is going to read it. If you put their backs up with abuse or agression then your chances of success are less.

    As an example my wife and I had a weekend break with a tour operator a few years ago in the UK, it was not one of their hotels. I wrote saying “I appreciate this is not one of your hotels, but etc etc “setting out the facts, finishing with “thought you should be aware of this”. In three weeks I received a reply with an apology and 50% of our money back. That is the difference.

    However, in some cases you won’t get the same kind of response and it is doubtful you would have received a warm response either way from the Brittania



    I have to smile at the coaching Skyguy is getting about the art of complaining when his complaint is about a chain like this one. Take a generous portion of incomopetence, layer liberally with arrogance, top off with more than enough willing victims to replace those who say “never again”, and what do you get? A business model which lasts for a bit, and then one by one the assets are sold off and the owner gets richer. This is hotelkeeping at its very worst.



    SkyGuy, people who are advising you to be more politically correct in your complaints are probably the same people who think the French and New Yorkers are rude. Just say what you want without being nasty, get the point across. If we don’t figure out how being PC has hurt both Britain and America pretty soon it will be too late and we’ll be overrun.

    And I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone to NEVER book a hotel without checking TripAdvisor. It takes 10 minutes to read a dozen reviews and come up with a very clear picture of the hotel in question. Trip Advisor is probably the most important internet tool ever.




    one of the reasons I wondered which Airline sent their staff to that particular hotel was that if they deem that standard ok for staff, what standards can we as passengers expect from that particular airline??

    I imagine that whatever shape your initial complaint was, you would never have gotten a proper response from this hotel group. Given the generic and duplicated responses on tripadvisor, I doubt they give a monkey’s about any unhappy customer….




    Hi Judy,

    I agree that TripAdvisor is useful, but it’s worth bearing two things in mind (as you should when considering all internet “opinion” sites – including this one at times!):

    1. People who post usually have a strong view one way or the other (and, human nature being what it is, it tends to be in the negative). The result is that it’s not a truly representative sample of guest opinion. However, if a bunch of negative reviews are saying the same sort of thing (as in the case in point) then it’s probably safe to give that thread a bit more weight. Especially when indirectly supported by the continually fatuous responses made by the GM!

    2. It’s not unknown (even on semi-moderated sites like TripAdvisor) for good reviews to be posted by people “close to the product,” shall we say.

    I therefore would agree that TripAdvisor is helpful. However, the most important internet tool by a country mile is surely 😉

    Regards, Simon



    That’s why I said this about TripAdvisor: “It takes 10 minutes to read a dozen reviews and come up with a very clear picture of the hotel in question.”



    Except that picture might NOT actually be clear from a dozen reviews – that’s the point!

    I have read reviews on TA of many hotels where I have stayed and my experience has sometimes been diametrically opposed to the views expressed therein. It’s helpful, but by no means definitive. It totally depends on which dozen reviews you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to come across and how representative they are of true experiences and opinion. They are an indicator at best , and even that might often not be the case.




    Judy – being firm but polite has nothing to do with being politically correct. Civility costs nothing but reaps rewards, except at the Brittania!




    I am a Brit, but I live abroad.

    I think your line “people who are advising you to be more politically correct in your complaints are probably the same people who think the French and New Yorkers are rude” sums up the position quite nicely. I might substitute ‘more politically correct’ with ‘ less direct’, but your meaning is spot on.

    The best complainers are the Dutch, the further north, the better 😉

    Have you read the ‘BA withdraws….’ thread? Thanks BA, for pulling a useful offer and we better all get used to this change.



    Simon, so sorry I didn’t see your earlier post where you had mentioned it may be the Brittania ! 10/10 my friend for guessing correctly !! You are skyguy’s skymate of the day and this entitles you to ……………………..a bedroom at the Brittania with no window. Yup the only hotel in the world to offer such a feature ! hahah !



    I wonder why my links to El Al and Emirates potential and actual security breaches has been removed ? Why does everyone tiptoe around that airline that people can’t even write on a forum about it !



    To be honest I am surprised that any airline would house the crew here.

    That said skyguy the tone and attitude of your emails and review on TripAdvisor was unprofessional and like my 5 yr old nephew throwing a tantrum when he can’t get his own way.

    Almost tantamount to blackmail infact. I am sure you had no intention of having an Indian Wedding there and just posted that to look big.

    You have even said on there that if they want to contact you not to bother. How are they expected to redress the situation ?

    They know full well that such an unprofessional email (loser) will have no clout with the procurement department of the airline. If one of my customers was insulting like that to me, our management would go back to the customer to advise of the inappropriate nature of the email.

    Could they for example have already contacted the airline, said sorry for a small blip of unprofessionalism and the matter has been resolved with their client. The airline ?

    Also, which part of the Data Protection Act has been breached ?

    I think you will also find, the airline will NOT be paying the hotel a lot of money to base their staff there. They would have got a good volume based contract.

    As you weren’t paying the bill, I think your unprofessional faux complaint is unwarranted. If anything it should be the occupant of the hotel complaining to their employer if they thought their security was being compromised.

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