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  • Hktbound

    Hi guys,
    Have enjoyed reading my replies and am although it’s Andy a small issue I’m glad I asked the question now
    It seems that bathrooms contain a whole minefield of issues that I bet most hoteliers overlook.


    The novelty of hotel toiletries wears out when you’re constantly in hotels and realise how dry your hair and skin get using these products, particularly those provided by mid-range establishments. I take my own now.

    But this post has reminded me that I need to stock up! Those in my toiletry bag have almost run out!


    I’m lucky enough to stay mainly in ME 5* hotels and get Molton Brown, Occitaine, Lorenzo Villoresie, Aromatherapy Associates and other decent stuff in the shower. Most of the above come in colour coded packs, which is handy when dragging oneself out of the pit at the equivalent of 2am at home 🙂

    Like the RealBabushka, I take my own to mid range hotels and the UAE hotels are a nice source, especially if I get a suite and the smellies come in 90 or 100ml tubes – I always ask the cleaner if it is okay to take what is left and they generally insist on giving you another set, as well! (Mind you, at the rates they charge, they can afford to be generous.)

    I still have very good close vision (a blessing of being short sighted), but have trouble reading the stupidly small serial numbers on Apple devices – I sold an iPad to CEX before Xmas and even the young lady I dealt with, who was in her 20s, had trouble with that!


    Being in the hotel business, this is a very interesting topic for me. In my small hotels, we use the line from Ferragamo called Tuscan Soul. We have stopped buying the Hair Conditioner as it is the least used and has the shortest shelf life. Before we switched to Tuscan Soul, we surveyed our guests, on what items they ‘have to have, nice to have, and don’t need,’ Hair Conditioner was almost universally said to be not needed. So we didn’t place it in our 4 hotels and we have never had a comment about not having it. The Shampoo and Body Wash are very evidently different colours and easy to read. Very nice product as well.


    Please can we have two bars of soap. One for the basin, one for the bath/shower. Nothing more annoying than getting in the shower to find out you’ve left the one and only bar of soap by the basin.


    Anyone have a solution for opening soap packets in SPG hotels?

    The bars are kept inside a cellophane packet and its blinking hard to open the packets, especially if you are already under the shower…


    Martyn, I agree with you on the soaps at Sheraton properties, that wrap is awful. It’s supposed to be environmentally friendly etc., but it is a disaster to open. I prefer boxes or tissue wrapped.


    I agree, I much prefer to dunk a custard cream in a cup of tea when in the bath. Bourbons are no good at all…


    Mr Michael, I have actually used the telephone in the bathroom, reception phoned me whilst I was on the throne, to apologise that they haven’t given me an upgrade!

    I only use the shower gel, but my bug bear is the markings on the shower which are small or non existent


    Mr Michael – i think you missed one! – lack of any heating in the bathroom!!

    Ok so I most used to traveling in Scandinavia where underfloor heating is generally the norm, but in the rest of Europe it seems rare today to find bathrooms that have any heating [even the heated towel rail seems to have disappeared!].


    Currently in a Suite in the UAE, that provide Eau d’orange vert, one of my favourite especially the body milk. Also much like Occitaine.

    Staying mostly in Accor Hotels due to the Platinum card, it is good to know that each Brand of hotel, (i think 20 now…and Raffles and Fairmont purchased recently), has the same provided.

    M Gallery, Vie, Pullman, are usually quite Unique places to stay, that reflect local as well as French elements, so touches of additional items like bath salts, aromatherapy sets, are also a plus.
    However, i also had to cut open with scissors the soap when i arrived, due to its plastic cover!

    Some bottles are very useful if you can put your own products in for a few days, that go through security in hand baggage. Though some high street stores, really rip you off with products in 100ml, and designed that you cannot refill.
    Perhaps the different shapes or textures, that are used for people who are blind, are very useful? Also, not holders, but in built shelves to put them on.

    What is the most unusual toiletry item you have come across?


    My pet hate,
    if hotels are going to supply us with lovely little bottles of stuff,please can they fit a shower holder that actually stops the pesky huggers falling through the gaps.
    Holders designed for bottles, which are designed for normal sized people and not lilypuddlian people sized bottles are a right pain in the back….literally : )

    Oh and the little bottles are brilliant to bring back home and be used for the showers after my twice weekly football adventures…


    Toiletries may be one thing, but what about the controls for the shower itself? Over the years, I have spent too much time working out how to get the water to go from the bath taps to the overhead shower, then to get the temperature right, then to get from the bath plug closed to open, when all the instructions say is to please put the shower curtain inside the bath……..


    I only dunk Chocolate digestives and Ginger Nuts – yum.

    As Mrs. LP charmingly says, I can spot a pimple on the arse of an ant so no problem with the smallest of writing. Besides shampoo and bath gel are virtually the same and anyway, I prefer to use soap for washing myself. Not sure the gels are a good substitute?


    Hi esselle
    Agree totally with you, regarding the design, why does a sink plug require 4 years training at MIT to work out how to get rid of a basin full of soapy , shave ridden water?

    When it comes to the shower, well here’s my own personal painful experience from 29/07/2013 @11:20 GMT

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