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    Definitely the last time I will EVER choose to fly HK airlines. It started off several years back as a fairly good economical alternative, but now I strongly advise paying a little more to travel on the other reputable airlines. Cannot believe this is still ranked as a 4-star airline…

    1) Delayed on my flights both IN and OUT of Hanoi. Hanoi is a mere 1.5 hours flight but we were delayed for over an hour out of HK to Hanoi and coming back 4 hours. That meant being at the airport a total of 7 hours for the 1.5 hours flight.

    2) NO information whatsover was desseminated to the stranded passengers. As one of the earliest to check it a) the ground staff did not even mention the delay until we noticed it on the screen, 2) when the delay for the 7:35pm flight moved from 9pm to a further 10.35pm there was no announcement of any kind, c) only a handful of passengers seemed to know we MIGHT be getting snacks, d) no reason was given as to why the plane was delayed.

    3) The ground staff were unhelpful, at no complete fault of theirs, mainly because HK airlines was also not providing then with any information. They kept telling us boarding was in 5 minutes and that went on for a whole hour when the revised departure time of 10.35pm meant boarding was 10pm but did not happen until pratically 11pm.

    4) Food was cheap. Water and a hard, cold small sandwich. Having been at the airport for several hours spanning dinner time, you would at the very least humanely expect a dinner voucher to enable a hot dish and drink at the cafe, especially if they consider themselves a reputable 4 star airline.

    5) Every other delayed airline were making announcements over the intercom but none were made for HK airlines and even the screen was not updated to show the revised additional delay.

    6) No alternatives were provided to passengers. There was an earlier Dragonair flight but it was too late to switch by the time we found out the extra delay. If we had been told earlier it would have been possible but because we checked-in early, we were told nothing. (So much for trying to be a good traveler by getting to the airport earlier!) Then dragonair crew said some passengers were able to switch flights from HK airlines and purchase a new ticket but HK airlines ground staff said dragonair was lying to us and that they were full! Looks like they would rather feed us to the wolves than let us sleep with the enemy!

    7) Provided a certificate letter of the airline stating the delay for insurance but the DATE was wrong and was even told this was not a letter for our insurance but for if we missed a meeting. WHAT?!

    8) At 8.20pm there was STILL no announcement about food OR the delay even though the ground crew said there would be a snack at 8pm.

    9) Arrived back in HK airport and of course the only availability is a cab ride (PAID FOR BY OURSELVES) or yet another poorly organized bus to the city. Got home at 3am pretty much and seriously, if I got on their bus I might as well have gone straight to the office from the airport…

    In summary, a terrible travel experience and a poorly organized airline. Very disappointed that this airline even has the name HONG KONG in it. It really gives the city a bad name. No wonder their former captain even came out recently and disclosed the poor safety of the airline and that he would never put his family on a HK airlines flight. Extremely appalling that standards are so so low.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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