Hilton Hhonors negative change of terms for accruing nights/stays

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    Hilton changed their rules mid last year and I only just found out about it.

    Just to make you aware of it.

    Heretofore, generally any stay you made via their website counted as a night or stay. For the last 5 years I have made Diamond status by obtaining just over the 30 stays per annum. So even if you booked using hhonors points or even part cash/part points, the night/stay counted.

    Not any more.

    If you use anything other than cash/card the night/stay does not count.

    Also even more mean is that if you tag on a night at the end of a paid stay, this nullifies all the stay… as though it never happened.

    I only discovered this because some of my recent stays were not counting on the website and I sent an email which referred me to the new conditions.

    I will enjoy Diamond for the next 8 moths but that will be it. Loyalty to Hilton killed off by the beancounters !!


    Some other nasties :

    1. If you book and pay for a room, but do not turn up, you don’t get a points etc even if you paid for the room.

    2. if you book two hotels in different places on the same night, and pay for both, only one counts.

    3. If you book more than one room (family trip for example), only one room counts for points / qualifying spend.

    4. A recent conference I held; the catering spend did not credit to my account despite being charged to my room.


    Why have stays & nights if it is not the same value, a stay should be no less value then a night, it should be worth more !
    if you stay for two nights, they do not replace the bedding, towels etc so they save money.
    So a stay of 4 nights, would only be worth 1 stay, unless you make 4 separate bookings, so with the savings to Hilton, I would say a 4 night stay should be worth at least 5 night/stay.


    I’m only a blue with Hilton now, used to be Gold until they upped it to 20 stays from 16. That was a step too far for me and now only use them when it’s more convenient such as Hilton T4


    Hi SwissExPat – not sure you’re right on this one. I’m also Diamond and I have just had two separate night stays in Birmingham and Manchester using hhonors points and my account has definitely been credited with both stays. Try this link to their Ts&Cs and look at No.11 under Reward Stays http://hhonors3.hilton.com/en/terms/index.html#hotel_rewards

    I would keep at them.

    I have had some issues particularly when booking a stay and then changing it to a points stay. For some reason the computer system gets confused and although I was able to check in, when checking out they couldn’t find me. This resulted in a number of email exchanges to sort it out.


    I can confirm I had four stays on points so far this year and all four posted in my account as both stay and nights. 1000 points awarded each stay


    Section 3 of their new terms says…

    ” If at least one night of the Member’s stay is consumed with the use of HHonors Rewards Points, the entire stay is considered a “Reward Stay” and no HHonors Points may be earned, except that if Member is using Room Upgrade Rewards, any money spent on the original reservation will earn points and/or miles consistent with these Terms….

    Seems pretty clear that use of Hhonors points negates the accrual of points.


    I believe you only get points on extras for rewards stays (and if part cash and part points – no points on the cash part). However, you should get your 1,000 points (though sometimes only seems to happen if some extras) and nights and stay count towards qualification.


    Seems points yes but the stay still counts. This is a bit off when you consider that for the paid element you may have racked up a decent bill that would have accrued points only to have it negated by adding a reward stay at the end.

    Moral is don’t mix the two.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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