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    as part of my trip to China later this year, I have been contemplating the bullet train between Beijing and Shanghai that opened recently.

    Anyone that has tried this?

    Do these trains have biz class, what is the standard like?

    Thank you



    Hi RoadKing,

    How was the train – did you use it in the end? I am in Shanghai in April and need to get to Beijing – currently have an internal flight booked but happy to consider the train is its OK!



    Hi Loyal_BA

    No, we did not use it. First of all because my contact in China were concerned about the safety. But also because due to the accidents there had been just before, the schedule was reduced with frequent stops and reduced speed.

    A pity really, I don’t know what the situation is today, if they have gotten back to regular traffic.

    If you go, please post your experience!!




    I understand that it’s running at “normal” (i.e. not High Speed) velocity at the moment, as I believe are all Chinese HSTs. This is due to nervousness after the recent incidents.

    We had a colleague join us in Shanghai recently, who’d travelled down on the HS link. It was faster than the old line, but was not at the “full” potential operating speed.

    I can find out more from him if you wish.

    Hope that helps.




    Thank you Simon, but I am my fellow travellers have been in China, and we flew between Beijing and Shanghai as a consequence of the issues with the high speed trains.

    Loyal_BA however, is probably interested in more information on the topic.



    I live in Shanghai and work as a Senior Consultant for companies doing business in China. I have had many clients take the Bullet Train (5hours) from Beijing to Shanghai. I have also taken the service and the there is no safety issues. The business class seats are lay down seats like the business class seats of a large Asian airliner. They also have wifi on the trains. Bring your own drinks and food, because the drink and food prices can be costly. The ticket prices are less than the airlines. If you fly,

    Remember, China’s air traffic is 85% controlled by the Chinese Military, so leaving ON TIME is never the case. When I fly from Shanghai to Beijing or visa versa, we are always waiting in the plane up to 1-2 hours before take off. Weather can also play a huge factor. Trains are always ON TIME.

    Hope this helps
    <a href="mailto:[email protected]“>[email protected]



    Thanks Stephen.

    Really useful information. But is it not true that trains are running now at a lower speed (they were a few weeks ago) or has that now changed?





    PS Stephen – the colleague I referred to in an earlier post came down on the High Speed from Beijing to Shanghai and it was, as you say, around 5 hours. He said that if the train had been travelling at the design speed, this would have resulted in a journey time of about 3.5 hours. Is that correct?

    Thanks. Simon



    Five hours seems right at high-speed. The new line is almost 1,000 miles in length:




    Using a calculator and the design speed one will always come up with a very fast time but it is never achievable to the train having to take a while accelerating and decelerating at the start and each time it stops. Also, the design speed of between 350-380km/h has been questioned by the French and Japanese experts because it is impossible to run trains safely at that speed using current technology without risking extreme wear on tracks which is a hazard. So, Chinese trains do not currently run at 350km/h most of the time but 300-320km/h max because this is the global safe limit consensus.



    I have gone for the train option so will post a report in May sometime when I’m back!



    Recenelty been on teh Bullet train from ShiJiaZhong to Beijing. I was told that the entire journey is now slower by 15 minutes – down to 2 Hr 10 Min for the 330 KM journey.
    Also been told that the price has dropped by around 20-25% (I paid 98 CNY for a one way first class ticket), but they have also dropped serving free mineral water in first class coaches.
    First class caoch as such was great. Wide seats and quiet. Seats do recline quie a bit and very comfiorable for a 2 hour journey.
    Cons: There is a mad rush whilst boarding the train (maybe in smaller stations and perhaps not in Beijing and\or Shanghai). accesbility is limited and a lot of steps to negotiate – gets difficult if oyu haev luggage with you.
    But on the whole i woudl defintely use them again if required.



    My boyfriend and I were in China in November and tried this very train route. The journey was very relaxing although as another member has commented train travel in China can be chaotic with the intial queing to board the train. Once on the train, however, the service was great. We had requested our hotel book the tickets for us and they booked me a seat in the sightseeing cabin (full lay flat seat, slippers and meal so might be worth considering spending the extra money).

    If I remember correctly the journey from Shanghai to Beijing was about 5.5 hours.

    I think you’ve made the right choice picking this over air travel – I would definitely recommend this train journey!



    Even though the sightseeing cabin is £175ish, compared to European fares it is extremely good value and also considering that a Eurostar fare for a seat that hardly reclines for less than half the journey time is £250+.

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