Hertz # No 1 Gold bumps your hire up!

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    I know other BT’s have reported, this but yet AGAIN 3 days before leaving to Australia and to collect a car with Hertz, by simply asking them to add in my Gold Hertz membership number, they bumped the price up by over 1/3rd, from AU$ 317 to $476!

    I NEVER book my rentals via the signed in membership anymore, as you get a simply inflated price, ripping off so called loyal regular customers. These locations include agencies contracted out by Hertz in different countries and not often the “Gold service”. Have the card entered into the booking AFTER!

    Especially if you land somewhere Contracted out, in a different country, you have no hope if the figures are adjusted. It is very frustrating.

    Currently i book via either KLM’s website or VS Flying club, where you get a discount code, bonus miles, and often as bought in the EU, includes many insurance extras they will levy at hire, or taxes surcharges, airport fees. Also paying ahead saves 10-25%

    I would urge ALL Hertz users, to watch carefully for this.
    Sometimes searching a rental Company based within the country (this case Australia), if found it was booked through Hertz, but with NO One Way fee! This can be the norm for car use in say Australia.

    Ayers Rock to Alice Springs can be a £200 one way fee added in, if you approach Hertz from the wrong web link!

    And chasing them for the miles, despite the cards being inputed and triple checked at every rental before and after…is a real pain these days!


    I’ve not used Hertz, but can you claim your points after completion of the rental, like you can claim airline miles some time after you’ve completed the flight?


    Yes, this is a mine field and you need to be very careful.

    I now tend to use EUROPCAR via their Privelege club which always seem to be the cheapest in Europe.

    Also never buy the Super CPW insurance from any of them, buy an annual policy from one of the UK reimbursement for stg£50 per annum.


    You cannot claim bonus miles (eg 4x KLM promotion til end of yr at 1,600 miles) without the Contract containing the code, and also the KLM 15% discount CD promotion codes.
    The issue here, is simply make the booking and DO NOT use the Hertz No 1 #Gold card number.
    Rather pointless to not use a frequent program card.


    I’ve noticed the same with Europcar. As soon as I enter my Accor or Europcar nr. I’m switched to a CHF price which is sometimes the double of the UK price.

    I now use Arguscarhire.com for great prices and on arrival shove all the cards in front of the them for miles, points, free insurance etc etc.


    This happened to me. When I was checking rates I first checked on the hertz web site without entering my Gold number and then again once logged in and the 2nd rate was much higher. When I contacted them they said I needed to amend my profile – I had declined all of the insurance options so when I ticked the CDW and theft protection option it brought the rate down. Having said that I have often got a cheaper rate via an airlines on web site to book car rental. And I very rarely get the loyalty points even booking directly with Hertz.


    Have just seen this thread. I also have found Hertz Gold to be counterproductive, and prefer Europcar in Europe.

    I just looked at arguscarhire.com website and it is very similar to skyscanner.net However, I prefer the skyscanner web as it not only lists the prices but also names the car rental company, unlike argus or HolidayAutos. There is also a facility on skyscanner to exclude shuttlebus pick ups and also to exclude rental companies that you don’t like.

    If you book through skyscanner you don’t normally get recognition, or miles, but there can be good prices.
    Hope this helps.


    MarcusUK, I have this experience as well, it goes on already for some time. I was a FREQUENT user of Hertz, a Gold memeber but do not use them anymore !
    Mind you, with the Avis preferred card the rates are sometimes higher as well.


    Travelsupermarket has saved me a fortune over the years,on car rental.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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