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    I will arrive at 06.20 at T3 on a Friday morning and want to get to LGW for a flight departing 09.10. I know it will be nerve racking but has anyone done such a tight connection? I have separate tickets and am aware of the pitfalls but the LGW flight is the only one that suits me that day. I would have a car waiting at LHR on arrival to speed things up.

    Edited – Nervous already as made a typo in the title!



    I sometimes travel between the two and it usually takes around an hour. It really does depend on traffic, but I’m pretty confident you’ll make it.



    I arrived at LHR last year from CPT around 0630 to go to Kent. Traffic was heavy but fairly fast moving eastbound on the M25 right up to the M23 junction and beyond. On the M23 most of the traffic will be northbound into London so I would estimate at worst an hour total.

    If you’re really nervous there are a few real time traffic apps with Web cams to keep you and the driver amused!



    FCW… I hope you don’t have any checked bags to wait for on arrival..

    If you don’t have a regular driver with knowledge of an off motorway route, I would try and find one. It is defo do able… but the variables are not only the motorway(s) traffic, but the actual arrival time and getting out of T3/Heathrow area..

    I would certainly ‘incentivize’ the driver!!’

    Good look, let us know how you get on…



    There are currently roadworks on the M23 running pretty much the full way from M25 to Gatwick. The M23 is down to 2 lanes with a contra flow and 40mph limit.

    Provided you are out of LHR by say 6.45 and BP in hand for the second flight I think the odds are in your favour but as Martyn says you may need a driver with detour knowledge – possibly via Leatherhead or Reigate Hill.



    Even with it’s problem M25/M23 looks the better bet.
    This morning journey time is estimated at 1hr 5mins
    Via Leatherhead M25/A24 it’s 1hr 31mins.



    Thank you everyone, this has made me feel a bit more at ease and I think I will go for it.. I appreciate the info re the roadworks.

    @martynsinclair – yes I will have luggage as this is my return from the QM2 trip. Will let you know how I get on.



    FCW, I had a look at the TFL website to see what your options are:

    Heathrow 1-3 @ 6.48
    Gatwick @ 8.07


    Heathrow 1-3 @ 7.03
    Gatwick @ 8.30

    Our bags came off the same AA flight very quickly the other week… but key for your “dash”, will be an ontime (or earlier) arrival…



    Personally i would have tried to tie those connection s into one Airport like Schipol ?
    I dont want to sound like the voice of the doom but there are so many other unforseen problems with this at that time of day ……… Broken down vehicles ……… Road traffic collisions …… extra rolling roadworks … the weather …….. Baggage delays …….. to mention just a couple …….. Everyone else is positive for you Including me …….. but let me put what the other fine people wont ………… GOOD LUCK !!!!



    @ImissConcorde – I wouldn’t want to be a killjoy but I think 1hr 5mins could be a bit optimistic.

    There were 7 mile tailbacks on the M23 in this morning’s rush hour….



    You might be lucky, then again at 7.30 you are running right into peak time.

    Based on what Martyn has shared I’m not sure that the train looks great especially with bags, remember also that if flying from north terminal there is another 5 mins on the transit.



    Hi FCW , I agree with Ricjackal , Good Luck !!! If everything goes ok I’m sure it will be fine and doable , my wife was coming home from LGW last night and M23 and M25 ( but towards Kent ) and its a 36 mile and 40/45 min journey but took 2 hours after a collision on M23 and then diverting off the motorway to continue the journey . But then again she travels to LGW nearly everyday and never has problems so hopefully you won’t either , so good luck and if everything goes as normal as it does the vast majority of the time you will be ok



    Interesting SimonS1, thanks for the link and it appears “the more extensive closures will be in place until October 15” and as I am travelling on 17/10 hopefully it will be better.

    @martynsinclair – Thanks for that, it seems longer than I thought. I know I keep pestering you but if you landed at 06.20, what time approx. did you get the luggage or were landside?

    If someone could do me a favour and clear all roads from LHR to LGW on 17/10 between 06.30 and 08.00 it would be much appreciated!



    We landed slightly early and after the LONG WALK to baggage reclaim out bags were one of the first off. We were out of the airport easily within 45 minutes.

    But as many others have said, there are so many variables… today aircraft had longer separations between landing due to the weather, causing some delays. The big thing going for you though is the early morning arrival…..

    There is not much you can do, other than emphasise to the transfer company the timings of your next flight and make sure the driver knows an off motorway route, if necessary.

    One other thought….. some one else will need to answer…..

    Which is the nearest train station to Heathrow that has a DIRECT train to Gatwick… and what are the journey times???



    All routes appear to be via London, quickest being HEX to Paddington and then over to Victoria to take the GEX. Given al the traffic problems, that might be better.

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