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    Hi all,

    I am going to have a BA flight to LIS next March which depart/arrive from T3, I am Silver BAEC and if i am thinking correct i will have access to all oneworld business lounges, can someone suggest which one is the best?

    Also i would like to ask another one thing, should i clear security again at T3 as I will arrive with another flight from EDI at T5?



    IMHO, the BA lounges are the best in Heathrow. In T3 I would go straight to the BA lounge area. There is a First and Galleries lounge and I believe the only difference being that the First has a free flowing champagne bar. On the basis I dont drink, I generally use the Galleries lounge as I prefer the view.



    On my last trip through I decided to forgo the new Cathay lounge (having heard it was just the same as the terrible lounge in HK) and headed to the American Airlines Flagship lounge since I had found it had just been renovated. Unfortunately, it was closed (bizarre since the business class lounge was still open) but the AA staff told me to try the new BA lounge. I have to endorse P.Sepsas’s comments – it is excellent. I doubt if there is a better lounge. Plus you get to use the spa as well!


    I must say I am more tempted by the Virgin lounge, it comes across as being a lot less formal and completely chilled out and has its own pool table. I havent been fortunate to fly Virgin as of yet and there fore never used this facility but has any one else used this lounge?


    P. Sepsas: regarding security, yes you will reclear, in what appears to be a ridiculous situtation. Having taken the EDI – LHR T5/T3 – MAD routing last year, you have your boarding card for the ex-LHR leg printed in EDI, which you will need to have handy on arrival at LHR, as this boarding card allows you to pass through “the door” from domestic arrivals into the flight connections centre.

    Head round from there and down the escalator to await the bus to T3, which then seems to take forever to get round to the FCC arrivals in T3, where they will make you go up an escalator to a security check. Hopefully you’ll have better luck than I did and more than 2 of the 5 machines will be open for use! Once through, you are now in the “back” of T3 departures lounge, exactly opposite end from where normal entry is made to the area.


    The Virgin lounge is a funky and fun lounge and usually very very busy. When I am with my family, Virgin lounge is great. Big emphasis on food, cocktails and a hair salon, so if thats a priority head off for Virgin, on the basis that you meet their strict entrance policy.

    I tend to still prefer the BA lounge, sadly, even when travelling Virgin. I am on a constant diet, tea total and bald!

    I prefer to find a quiet corner in the BA lounge, preferably away from all posters listening to music through MP3 player and noise cancelling headphones!


    The BA Galleries lounges in T3 are definitely the best oneworld lounge in T3…..IMO they are excellent, as are the BA lounges in T5.
    The CX lounge is OK and good if you want to eat noodles and that kind of thing.


    Thanks all of you,

    So i suppose that i should go to the BA lounge, mainly because of the view which is my best entertainment on a lounge, I suppose that i will not have any luck with Virgin Lounge as i had never been on board and i don’t have any other status except BAEC. Is anyone aware if i could use the showers on the BA or Cathay lounge? I don’t want to use the SPA which is for sure only for CW ,First or Gold members.


    thank you for this extensive answer , i had been once at T3 as i had to buy a gift and the store was only there, i had 4 hours connection time at T5 and i went there. The security queue at T3 was by far my worst experience at LHR (including any snow disruptions) . I was hopping that if i go straight to T3 after my arrival i could avoid that.


    this is ok, it could get worst if you first find your corner and then the passenger is coming to your side, seating next to you, then he starts listening to his music very loud, then you are asking him kindly not to listen his music so loud, he apologies but after 5 minutes he is knocking his pen on the table by the rhythm.

    Again, thanks for the information


    Thanks for the info all; I am off tk BKK soon and was browned off that the flights were transferred to Terminal 3 meaning I would miss out on the Concorde Room which I don’t get to use very often! The comments here are very positive as I was expecting the opposite! Now all is need is the new First, I don’t care about the negative comments, all I want is a bit of space, a flat bed and a fabulous crew.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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