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  • Angerengineer

    Hi Martyn, I can comfirm that the perimeter road is private land. Airport work vehicles that use it but go no further away from the airport do not need to be taxed.
    However the police do patrol the perimeter road and enforce road traffic laws on it, in relation to speeding. The cameras are on private land.

    Whether HAL can or can not apply and gain your personal details ? I know private car parking companies can apply to the DVLA for ownership details of a vehicle, so assume HAL would be able to do the same. Would they and do they need to? If an individual car was photographed 20 times being driven considerably above the speed limit HAL could just send the pictures of the car to the police for the police to follow up, identify the owner and send a nasty letter to that owner.

    The biggest problem I see is that all of this will lead to individuals driving at differing speeds, which will make the road more dangerous.


    If these are ANPR cameras it is likely that they are a similar concept to the fixed ANPR cameras that ring the City of London and elsewhere.
    Their role is to detect, deter and disrupt criminality, with a particular focus on serious crime, organized crime and terrorism. Speeding issues are of no concern.
    It is also not helpful to advertise their locations.


    Hi Folium,

    This thread started about cameras put up around the perimeter road of the Heathrow on behalf of HAL landside, HAL Landside sent out a communication saying the cameras were speed matrix, speed and ANPR cameras, they also sent out a map of their locations. It was a very poor and mis-leading letter.

    They are sited just after some of the smart signs and therefore their location is no secret. What they are exactly and what their capabilities, and use could be is the subject of this thread. Two other forums that I am aware of have also been discussing these cameras.

    With all due respect I do not think your concerns are valid.


    …. yes but will they take responsibility on such a delicate subject?


    If these cameras are measuring average speed then the fact that there are quite a few traffic lights around the perimeter road makes this function almost redundant.


    Hi, really late to this party, I very rarely drive round Heathrow but had to today due to a car fire on the M25. Sat nav diverted me round T5 – anyway I noticed these little cameras for the first time I’ve read through the thread, but what I can’t seem to find or properly understand is if this cameras will issue you a speeding penalty should you exceed the speed limit. I completely agree that we should stick to the speed limits as they are there for a reason.
    Does anyone know of someone who has received a speeding penalty from these cameras??


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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