Health checks at border control

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  • stevescoots

    @ Anthony Dunn.

    China immigration do racially profile , although not officially 🙂 flying into CAN every month I always avoid immigration booths with non whites waiting as I know its going to be a longer wait than usual. its just how they are.

    As for the body temperature sensors I think its better to pull anyone showing a temperature, even if its a false positive due to running for a plane instead of no check. I have been pulled out twice. Once with a serious hangover, in fact probably still way over drink drive limits. The other I actually was ill with man flu and I was held a few hours (missing my flight) while tests for swine flu were done. China and Hk also have these at the foot crossings at Lohu and futian as well as the thru train at Hung Hom/dongguan/GZ stations


    I heard a report on the radio a few days ago in which a WHO spokesman said the most effective route is to screen at the departure airport, but did go on to say that screening on arrival is still useful

    My brother (who is a surgeon) had already told me about the lack of usefulness of surgical masks in the “ordinary” environment, although he went a bit further and said that after about half an hour, the mask would be so saturated with moisture that it actually becomes a breeding ground and therefore genuinely worse than useless.

    What I always thought funny is the sight – common in Hong Kong during outbreaks – of people sitting on their own in their cars wearing a mask – I always wondered what good they thought it was doing. Then you get the muppets who only have it over their mouth not their nose, those who don’t press the “wire” part at the top closely around their face leaving huge gaps either side of their nose, or even (my particular favourite, which I have seen more than once) religiously wearing the facemask until food or drink arrives, slipping it off to eat or drink, and then putting it back on again. Because of course you can’t catch or transmit anything while you’re eating, can you??


    What about the masks with a hole for a ciggie!!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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