Health Benefits People Will Get from Excellent Travel Demand Management Strategy

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  • jodiwruck

    There are so many benefits the public can get from a well-developed travel demand management strategies. We are aware that reducing transportation demand can provide so many financial benefits to the public. When the city has adequate public transportation in good quality, people will not choose to commute with their personal car. It is more cost effective since they don’t have to waste money on expensive gas price and parking tariff.

    However, all this time, we only focuses on the economic and financial benefits while transportation demand management actually gives plenty of other benefits, and health is one of them.

    Less traffic congestion due to reduced travel demand can gives psychological benefits to the public. It is not a secret that commuting is one of the biggest cause of stress in this modern era, especially when we are trapped in a traffic jam. When traffic demand management is succeed in reducing the number of vehicles in the street, commuting will be less stressing and people can arrive in their destination in a good mental condition.

    Furthermore, a good traffic management strategy can also help people achieve better physical health. Some people go to work with their personal car not always because they are lazy. In some cases, people do want to bike or walk to work. However, it is not possible, not to mention dangerous, since the street is dominated by cars. If the government provides more space for cyclists and pedestrians, not only the traffic congestion will be reduced, but the people can also be healthier. Clear air and convenient street to walk also always become a nice point that can attract tourists.
    Policy maker should put more attention to those health benefits since it can improve the public’s quality of life. Furthermore, to give even more health benefits to the people, the government should focuses on creating transportation demand policies that can give clear advantages to the environment.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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