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    July 2014

    During our time in Bangkok we went twice to the Haeagen Dasz Cafe near the Amarin Plaza on Ratchadamri Road.

    The interior is modern with a few tables. Staff is plentiful and they even recognized us on our second visit, remembering what drink we had wanted, but had been unfortunately not available during our first visit.

    We had orange juice, Iced Milk chocolate, Banana Crepes and Hello Jello (vanilla ice cream with strawberry jelly, topped up with milk).

    We were very happy. The Banana Crepes were on each occasion sumptuous, while Hello Jello was refreshing and light.

    When we ordered two drinks and two dishes, we paid 754 THB (ca. 17.70 Euro or ca. 23.65 USD).

    When we are in Bangkok again, we will go there for our ice cream fix.

    We will recommend this Cafe for ice cream to a friend? YES!
    Will we visit again this Cafe for ice cream? YES!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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