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    I need to fly from Fortalezza to Sao Paulo to catch the 5.25pm BA flight back to London. I have two options:
    – Avianca arriving 2.45pm in GRU
    – TAM arriving 3.20pm in GRU

    I seem to remember some airlines are in a satellite terminal far away. Does anybody know if this apply to those two airlines? Is the connection time sufficient (I will be travelling with hand luggage only)?

    Thanks in advance.


    All domestic flights are into Terminal 2 and it is connected to the newish international Terminal 3 although a reasonable walk away. Early evening is a busy time for departures for the European carriers (for some reason TAM fly much later). My own experience is that security and passport control at Terminal 3 is much better and faster than the old Terminal 2 International departures so you should have no problems either flight with time to spare for a drink or two unless you of course have a significant delay with the inbound flight. I think TAM are overall a better airline but I don’t think there is a much really to choose service wise on domestic between the two.


    Fly with TAM as both they and BA are One World. If for any reason your flight from Fortaleza is delayed, BA will look after you when you arrive. Avianca are not part of One World so will have no obligation to look after you.

    There is a bus from outside terminal 2 to terminal 3 which takes less than 5 minutes.


    TheMidasGold – are you sure BA would look after a passenger not interlined on the same ticket? (Well that is my reading of how nmtraveller is flying.)

    Whilst the same alliance, it is not BA’s fault if TAM is late and there is no contractual obligation to assist if on a different ticket so why would they pick up the cost of helping. I tried that before and got nowhere with an AA delayed flight onto a separate BA ticketed flight and learned that to my cost.

    Also I should say the concept of customer service in Brazil is poor at best so I would love to see how between BA and TAM they would resolve such a situation…


    I agree with GreenScot.

    If you are flying in 2 separate tickets, even both are OW, BA will have no responsability if TAM is delayed.

    However, what I suggest you is to contact both airlines and/or your travel agent so both airlines add the other carrier’s flight on their own bookings as “passive segments”; so at least each airline is aware of the other connecting flight. At least, it is something.

    You did not mention if flying C or Y; if on C, you may go to the LATAM lounge in Terminal 3 which is quite good.

    I have always transited from Qatar to TAM and viceversa but both on Terminal 3 so don’t know about transferring from Terminal 2.


    It is OW policy to through check passengers on flights operated by any OW airline, even on separate tickets. That, however, does not guarantee that BA will deal with a missed flight due to TAM’s delay.


    Thanks for all the input.
    The benefit of TAM was I) some miles (but these days so minimal anyway) and ii) the fact it is part of OW.
    Judging by the comments, there is no guarantee BA will look after me.

    It looks like Avianca is a safest option as it offers 35 extra min.

    PS: AleRomUY I will be travelling in Club World.


    nmtraveller, so go to the Latam Lounge in Terminal 3. It’s good and good champagne!!

    TAM may be on time or not, you never know.
    If Avianca gives you extra time, so go ahead with that.

    And as you said you are travelling only with hand luggage, it’s fine. If not, I would advise to do all in OW so you can check the luggage thru from FOR to LON.
    Have a good trip!


    I called BA as suggested. Not very convincing answer. They said they recommend 2 hours so both flights should be fine.
    As for TAM being one world, they said I might be able to check the luggage but no guarantee (not relevant since hang luggage). And I might looked after in case of delay but no guarantee since on two separate tickets. How reassuring.

    I think I’ll give up the points and go for the Avianca option, adding half an hour more of champagne in the lounge as suggested!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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