Good News of the day : AF fully privatized in a near future ?

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  • capetonianm

    Good news possibly for travellers but not for the employees who will lose their taxpayer funded benefits.

    By the way the link doesn’t work. Funny, that!


    I’m not better in IT than in English. Sorry for that.
    Here is a new link (still in French because unfortunately I am not able to find anything in English)
    If you can read French you will read that Barclays has a negative opinion regarding this possible equity alliance when Oddo (half French half german) has a good one. Funny, that!


    Although this would be beneficial to travelers it poses a real threat to AF personnel. Unless they start to realize what this really means they are in for a reality check: when Accor starts to invest they are most likely to invest in those parts that will pay for their dividend. Meaning they are more likely to invest in the KL side of the company than in the AF side. After all, the AF side is way less profitable and unless the AF personnel is able and willing to rapidly change their attitude and fall in line with the KL side they will feel the market pressure, meaning KL will grow and AF will be left behind.
    Without the government back up it will most likely lead to further restructuring, read: redundancies, and aligning itself with the airline market.

    So: good news? Maybe if you are a passenger or investor! Far less likely if you are an AF employee! The days of a well protected, cosy and fairly less demanding job seem to be over. Welcome to the new reality.


    As far as I am concerned I think this is good news as I am a traveller who is proud of it’s National airline.
    My opinion is that AF is a great airline providing a wonderfull onboard service even if many of there cabin crew are not fluent in English and are not used to the British way of life.
    If privatization is the only way to make AF pilots understand that it’s now time to live in the real world, then let’s do it !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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