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  • alisterreid

    Arrived in San Diego from LHR yesterday. Excellent crew and much better wines in First. More importantly one of the captains (three on this flight) came to talk to me. This has not happened to me since their inagural 747 400 developed a fault from LAX to LHR back in the early 1980’s and diverted to Montreal. Very pleased to be recognised and obviously appreciated. Very chuffed! A small gesture BUT a big way to make us want to fly BA again.


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    I hope you won’t need to have again a 35+ year shortage again before living such an exciting day again ! I’m afraid the time this captain spent with you will make WW very angry about the few Ā£ BA lost because of such a waste of time.


    Well a few weeks back travelling from BCN to HKG on CX’s new summer service we were delayed by an hour first because Swissport had lost some paperwork and then ATC had lost the CX flight plan. During the wait I asked the Cabin Crew Manager if the Captain could update us as there was no information and on the nose wheel camera I could see 7/8 people huddled in a group around the landing gear so thought “do we have a problem”. Almost immediately the Captain updated us on the above and within 5 minutes we were off. About 30 minutes into the flight the Captain came to my seat to apologise for not keeping people informed but he was talking to ATC to sort it out as ATC had given away CX’s slot when the flight plan was mislaid. BCN ATC were embarrassed to say the least. Anyway a 15 minute conversation ensued and he was keen for me to know what the problem was. A nice touch and invariably people can deal with “bad news” better than not getting any news at all. When I left the plane in HKG I stuck my head into the flight deck with permission from the Cabin Crew Manager to say thank you again. If only other companies would understand that good communication takes the sting out of any complaint when handled well


    May someone kindly explain me what an “inappropriate content” is ?
    This is not the first time one of my post has been tagged as inappropriate and I would be very grateful if someone could explain me what was inappropriate in my previous post on this topic.
    Any help on this matter will be highly appreciated.


    christopheL probably someone with very little to do in their life… please do not worry


    @christophel, @k1ngston

    Perhaps it is time for admin to append the name or names of those who report the “inappropriate content”?


    ..Probably was WW himself…. or his sidekick.


    I think you’ll find there wasn’t three captains on your flight, just three pilots and I’m pretty sure the 747-400s arrived in 1989 so not quite early 80s! Sorry to be a pedant!

    Interesting story though!


    @frdougal, 3 Captains is possible if there was a check-ride in progress with the Check Captain being supervised as well.. (but who really cares as long as the OP got to his destination safely šŸ™‚ )


    I don’t see why it’s ‘good news at BA’ when a very expensive premium service delivers what is meant to deliver. The captain coming out and speaking to passengers is a nice touch, but it’s not unique by any means to BA. I was on an easyJet flight a couple of weeks ago and the captain came out to speak to a passenger in the front row who was extremely nervous and had been upset by a couple of bumps as we went through some light turbulence on climbout.

    “Man buys fresh loaf of bread at Waitrose supermarket.” Does that grab any attention?
    Nor should : “BA first class had excellent crew wines.”


    I am not saying BA is perfect . Far from it. I am just making the point that a little extra effort goes along way. I only fly F with them as nobody would fly Club World if they had a choice. The worst business class seating in the sky. My wife has been bounced out of F last year travelling with me. I can go on and on ranting but please praise where praise is due.


    Yes Alistair, “praise where praise is due”. Glad you had a good flight and glad to see something positive about BA for a change.

    PS. Capetonian does make a point though. Still, nice to see some praise for once as I said.


    If you ever see a Captain/First office strolling through the cabin, they’re generally always up for a chat!


    Swiss First will ususally see the Captain mingle with the F PAX as they are boarding and taking seats…. and ususally chats about the routing and weather for the flight etc.. Has happened to me whenever in F cabin.

    Tom Otley

    @christophel, @k1ngston

    Perhaps it is time for admin to append the name or names of those who report the ā€œinappropriate contentā€?

    The software doesn’t enable that. Allit does is send a message to us and we look at it.

    I think sometimes people press it by accident because it’s next to Reply on that bar.

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