Gold recognition in-flight with BA?

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    I’ve been Gold with BA for almost 1 year now and have occasionally had some extra service on flight when in Y or Y+ but nothing like what I though might have been the case.

    One LHR to DUB in Y, literally 11 minutes before landing the CSD came down to me [the flight was quite busy] and introduced herself and asked me if I would like anything. I suggested a Cup of tea, which promptly arrived in the Club Europe china cup.

    On a Y flight to BDA recently, just after take off one of the crew approached me by name and then gave me the WT+ headset, amenity bag and socks/eye shades.

    I was pleased with both of the the above.

    However, apart from that,nothing in over 20 other flights.


    Have been Gold for about 25 years, and now have the Lifetime thing even though I rarely fly them these days. In flight recognition was so rare that it is something I stopped thinking about.


    Happened to me a couple of times recently – when you can see the ‘Cabin Director’ with crib sheet in hand heading your way. “Good morning Mr Seasoned, nice to have you back on board” – followed up with a handshake….Actually, although somewhat twee, it’s quite a nice touch….
    I vividly remember the first time this happened – the people seated behind me assumed I was some sort of celebrity & spent the next 90 mins trying to work out ‘who’ I was – I thought it was really funny


    I have been BA Gold for a few years and I travel mostly in CE between ARN-LHR and occasionally long-haul CW. Like my Senator level with Miles & More I almost always get addressed by CSD/Purser and asked if I want anything else.


    BA Gold did nothing for me when I had the status. There’s not much more they can do for you when flying Long Haul F, but when I flew BA Economy in Europe I didn’t even get a second glance. No upgrades. Nothing.

    As for my Senator status, again nothing in the air, never had an upgrade or been addressed by name in Economy. I was once greeted at 0725 on boarding an early European flight with a glass of champagne and a “Happy Birthday” greeting from the FA. I was impressed by that but I was in Business.

    At home I once received a First Class napkin as a gift and a reminder of what I was missing! I hadn’t flown with them for three months so I suppose it was a reminder. Then last year I received a very nice red leather (like the luggage tags) key ring with a Birthday card. On top, the whole greeting was handwritten and signed. Now I was impressed by that!


    Always wonder why the cabin announcement “welcomes back” Executive card holders – sounds very cheesy…

    Most longhauls the senior Cabin Crew member comes over to say hello… usually have a short conversation about BA and whats going on…. it was during this last conversation that I heard about the developments for Club World…


    It seems to happen on flights from time to time, but there is no regular pattern to it. In fact, if it were happening regularly, I would probably start to loathe it, but from time to time it seems to be more spontaneous and genuine in tone.

    I had a few BA flights delayed recently thanks to poor weather. On a recent trip to Europe, the CSD came over and welcomed me back and noted that we would be on time today, clearly having noted previous delays. Nice touch.

    United seem to be getting worse and worse in their customer service on board. Nobody comes and thanks you for your business or checks to see if you have everything you need. They could improve in this department.

    Cathay are always good at recognizing their top tier travellers. I note my diamond status with CX ensures I get choice of meal in business class usually served before the mains appear on the trolley for other C Class pax. They often leave my preferred newspaper at my seat, as well.


    I recently achieved Bronze level for the first time in 15 years (I know it doesn’t compare with Silver or Gold) and on my first flight after, the CSD found me, welcomed me by name and thanked me for my continued support of BA before the plane had even left the stand.

    People love to bash BA but I was very impressed.

    It’s little things like that that make me choose to fly BA over other airlines.


    I second StephenLondon’s comments about CX. 90% of time I get a special greeting; if long-haul I get a card signed by the FAs. Both I find a bit OTT. Frankly, I usually don’t want my movie or reading interrupted, although I am always polite since I know they are just doing their job, and on the rare occasions I do ask for something it is rushed to me. The real perk is when flying shorthaul in economy, where the standard is a bottle of water shortly after take-off, and often (not always) asked if I want to order a post-take-off drink which is then delivered before the normal bar service, I will also get first choice from the menu, and most times my meal is served with the special meals before the main service starts. So there is definitely extra recognition and special service, which I appreciate

    What I find interesting, however, is recognition across the alliance. My OW emerald status is definitely recognised on AA, where in coach I get access to preferred seats, and free onboard drinks and snacks on top of the usual OW perks, and usually some welcoming comment from the FA. Also, in AA lounges it is very easy for me to get extra premium drinks coupons (I got four in total on my last visit). What do I get on BA over and above OW standard? Nothing. Ever. In fact on my last BA longhaul I was denied my choice of starter “because we have to give priority to our top-tier frequent fliers”. Hello?!


    Ian, I am BA Gold and have travelled fairly frequently on CX without so much as a nod so perhaps this balances out your experiences? On QF, the service standard is to recognise all oneworld Emeralds – I have been acknowledged about 50% of the time, no more.


    BA gold guest list for 3 years and Gold for life. Never any special acknowledgement. In fact even though the CSDs now have the iPad with all my personal data, always surprised at how little they use it to personalise the greeting etc.

    So if you have made bronze and get an extra bag of peanuts, feel lucky!!!!


    Tom, I am surprised, but you are quite right that it does balance out. Although of course the in-flight experience with CX is that much better anyway 😉

    My point was more the issue of recognition over the alliance generally, rather than a pop at BA. It would be good if all OW carriers (CX included) gave similar recognition on board to all OW elites of the same level – although perhaps that would become too time-consuming?

    Does anyone have experience of recognition across the alliance when flying JV routes, holding status on one of the JV partners but flying another (eg AY elite flying AA TATL under the AA/AY/BA/IB JV?)


    I’ll take a pop at BA myself then – just off the plane in T5, having flown in from Muscat. A brief “welcome back” on entry but nothing further by way of recognition on the flight. Mind you, that much was more than I received on my outbound to Bahrain so I guess I should be thankful…… Not that I am looking for a fuss on an overnight in WT+ but the crew did manage to leave the lights up for a very long time after leaving Abu Dhabi and had them back on two hours out of Heathrow so it was not as if they were concerned about disturbing people….


    One of my partners was a regular Concorde user until the end and to this day still gets recognition and a comment about his ‘Supersonic’ status.

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