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    How easy is it to get a second uk passport as its becoming quite difficult with trips and getting visas in time?
    Anyone done it?


    No problem. Get a senior person in your company to write a letter explaining why and then apply in the normal way.


    Yes, this is very simple. I have had two passports for many years – they usually require a notional business reason – mine was regular travel to Iran at that time and the need to lodge a my passport for extended periods at the embassy for visa purposes – no multiple entries available at the time.
    As UK passport holders we’re lucky in this regard. A Greek colleague went through hell trying to obtain a second passport and got one on condition that she always lodged the second with the Greek Embassy in London when not using it!!


    as the other posts, this is easy & will make your life so much easier if you frequently have to apply for visas. But make sure that you never travel abroad with both passports, keep one at home or work in a safe place.


    It is also helpful to say that you will be travelling to a country that does not accept passports with entrance stamps from certain countries: such as, Saudi Arabia and Syria who do not let people enter the country if you have visited Israel. I will share an example letter at my company that we use to aid staff to get a second Passport:-


    Dear Sirs

    Second Passport Application

    This is to confirm that xxx is employed by this company as xxx. He/she has been in our employ since [date].

    [Name] is a frequent traveller and is therefore in need of a second passport as we anticipate several trips over the company months. Several countries that [he/she] will be travelling to will require visas and therefore we would request a second passport to expedite these while [he/she] is traveling.

    Over the coming months and into next year, [he/she] might be required to travel to:

    Nigeria – September 2010
    China – October 2010
    Russian Federation – November 2010
    Saudi Arabia – January 2010
    Pakistan – January 2010
    India – January 2010
    Israel – February 2010

    We confirm that [he/she] will return to the United Kingdom to resume employment with this company after this trip. Please assist [he/she] in obtaining a passport allowing her to enter travel.

    If you require any further information with regards to [he/she] employment with this company, please do not hesitate to contact me on the above number.

    Yours sincerely,



    thanks for all this info, they are all excellent suggestions and tips


    Mostly good stuff – but no need to leave one at home – the whole point is to travel with both??

    Just remember :-
    -NEVER change passports in a foreign country – always do it in the international space or UK
    -it’s a uniquely british privelege and some goons will not be understanding – be patient while they satisfy themselves and avoid if possible letting them see more than one
    – it is VITAL in the letter to passport officer to specify which countries you will visit (the examples above are perfect)
    – FCO Consular staff can be more understanding and helpful than UKPA staff


    yes- one further point. Once you have got a second passport, in order to replace or renew it (mine got filled up very quickly) you have to go through the same performance again and get a letter from your employer, mentioning the countries you are likely to visit.


    Guys – help please. I live in Spain. I need a second passport (example of why, Ghana has just announced that a visa will take 2 weeks (previously 4 days – and other too numerous to mention) and I just can’t lose my passport for that long. I have to apply to Madrid, letter from my company, all that. But on what form? As a overseas resident it seems I must use Form C1. But the very first catechism thereon insists thayt one choose between “first passport” or renewal/replacement. Patently neither is the case for me. But I can find zero guidance concerning what form is appropriate. Any ideas please? Thanks a lot. Jonathan


    Jonathan, I applied for my second passport on line. It took about 5 days to come through. It was very easy. I did have to send the employers letter of seperately, but I recall that I got a barcode envelope or label so it could be identified.


    Jonathan You use the ‘first passport’ application for your second passport, because it is your primary ‘passport’ from your domciliary country (ie UK). Second passport in this context is a misnomer – we have One Primary passport but are allowed two passport documents, A second passport in FCO-speak would be from a second country.

    I recall that for an FCO passport document (ie from a British Consul abroad) it was possible to apply remotely but it had to be collected personally (2007).


    I used to travel extensively to Eastern Europe when based in London and had a second British passport due to the length of time it would take to get certain visas. However when I moved to Hong Kong about 5 years ago and tried to renew the second one at the Consulate there, I was told that they no longer did this, however I was “welcome to try back in the UK”.


    MS, AoR, HKP – thank you all for your kind responses. Crazy isn’t it? I mean that there isn’t a simple FCO or other government resource to which one can pose such straightforward procedural questions? MR – your link seems to have been overtaken by change, sadly. My little heart thumped with anticipatory excitement when I saw an apparently real live link! Ah well. Thank you all, again. Jonathan


    Thanks for the acknowledgment. Remember real security requires agility and uncertainty, otherwise the felons will rapidly exploit the rigidity of a consistent process.

    Regding HK, probably the Consul there is subject to his host’s whims regarding his status, and the SAR would not be allowed the trappings of a representative office to a ‘capital’.

    Good luck all.

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