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    Would anybody have discount codes for Gatwick Express, similar to those posted for Heathrow Express some time ago?



    Try this. I haven’t seen them very often. Obviously if you take the regular Southern services from Victoria you can save a bit.



    Thanks, Simon.

    Even with the discount, the regular Southern Service (14.50 on my preferred date & time) is less than half the Gatwick Express fare (£31.05), and only 5 minutes longer.
    Hard to justify the additional cost, really



    I know what you mean Pat…it’s bit stupid but when I have used it I do prefer the Gatwick express…bit more comfortable and no stops. Mind you there are geniuses that fly from Dublin to Manchester via London rather than direct….



    Hi Pat

    I got caught out a month or so ago…

    Checked out ticket prices & times on Train line and found that Southern’s prices and times were the best..

    And then committed the schoolboy of all errors and didn’t purchase, took a fit of the manyana’s and forgot….

    Got to Victoria on the Sunday to find I had to pay double the amount quoted on trainline…..but still a £5 cheaper than the express !!–E&utm_campaign=Brand_Train_Line–E&utm_term=train%20line&gclid=CKflg4-_z7kCFcbLtAodDVgATQ

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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