Garuda… Back into London again?!!

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  • George18

    Using the A333 as used on the CGK/DPS – SYD/MEL routes, means old business seating 2-2-2.



    A report this morning from Dutch website says that the LHR service has been restarted following new management at Garuda.

    “A new management team at Garuda has recently been appointed and has decided to resume London Heathrow flights the company confirms.”

    “A B777-300ER will be used. It will accommodate 393-passengers in a two-class configuration. Flights are to operate three times a week.”

    So the decisions taken by the previous management appear to have been abandoned.


    The GDS shows configuration as :
    773 C 26 Y 367
    which, remarkably, matches the figure given above of 393.

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    Oh, so today, back to the 777-300ER then!
    26 seats in Business class, seems very few, and less than they had including 1st class previously?!

    I have just checked on the Garuda site, and indeed there are flights directly to CGK, from 27th November, Tues, Thurs, Saturdays. The only flights prior to this are via Amsterdam with KLM.

    £2,699.41, Business Promo single, through to Sydney. 29th Nov
    LHR-CGK £2,697.41 return Business Class LHR-CGK. (KLM alsoto DPS, is around £1,850 return, via AMS and a SIN/KUL stop).

    A fare Sale is also pending:

    “Plan your trip at Garuda Indonesia Online Travel Fair 2018!
    Discover the magnificent beauty of Indonesia with our best online fares.
    Mark your calendar on November, 23rd – 29th 2018
    Stay tuned on our website and Mobile Apps!”

    Several Unicorns passed by as i was watching the screen…!


    26 seats in Business class, seems very few, and less than they had including 1st class previously?!

    It’s something we covered in August 2017 when Garuda decided to make its Amsterdam flights two-class.

    The new configuration suggests that Garuda will now concentrate on the volume market.

    Garuda Indonesia makes changes in London and Amsterdam



    It appears Garuda’s London launch date may be delayed*. We are trying to seek further clarification from the airline.

    * The Jakarta-London route was to be relaunched on November 27.


    I checked their website for booking in Feb March ex EU to Sydney. Both Singles and returns to Australia
    They have only the Thursday departure 1/3 flights that will connect to their much publicised LHR-SYD route, which would epart on a Thursday, Same on return, as Sydney – CGK flights arrive 15.30 hrs, UK flights depart Midday! In means 43 hrs plus for a 22 hrs other Airline trip.

    Again even linking in back with J+KLM the CGK-AMS flight leaves 22,45hrs, a 7.5 hr wait.
    The KLM 773 leave a few hours earlier, but stops 2 hrs in KUL
    Both arrive in AMS a dew minutes apart, so jot even a co-ordination between these two Skyteam Airlines toenhance this route.

    This EU-Australia is simply not happening, at least not without overnight stopovers.
    I note also it is a 3 stops and different flights via CGK AND DPS.
    So their EU – Australia flights are just so baldly timetabled, they are simply not worth taking. All between 36-47 hr times SZYD-LHR/ AMS

    George 18 -I have flown their A332 and 333, only last eve a 333 from CgK to Sydney Biz seats . Both are 2-2-2 across, an older regional seat.
    The photo of Business cabins are not on the A332/3 series. You provided a 777-300-ER Biz Cabin photo.



    I had to fly out to Australia just 9 days after getting back to London from NZ.
    I used a KLM miles flight which was great, but LHR-AMS-KUL-CGK. Garuda was the last flight to SYD.

    However, not having much choice i had to book a one way back 21st December with Garuda, though i have to leave Sydney 11am, arriving 15.30hrs.
    Flights to LHR leave at Midday a few times a week. Again not a coordinated link to Australia really is it? Via AMS is a 7 hr wait at CGK also.
    I have to stay over until the next day.
    So, am i getting home on the 22nd December or not?!!!

    I have heard nothing from the Airline…

    I tried to get a friend, booking on my itinerary, it is only coming up SYD-DPS, then KLM-SIN-AMS-LHR! Shows no flights to LHR at all even after Xmas. 46hrs trip!
    Not looking good?
    BT, What are my rights to ask to be rebooked and re-routed now, if their route is not up n running, and delayed starting?!
    Flights at Xmas are full on most Airlines…?!


    BT, What are my rights to ask to be rebooked and re-routed now, if their route is not up n running, and delayed starting?!

    Marcus – You have quite a complex trip. Obviously I am not a legal expert and certainly I am not acquainted with Australian aviation rules (I assume that’s where you are starting the trip) but if departing the EU or returning to the EU *with an EU-based carrier* then you will be covered under EU261.


    I am not sure that EU261 will apply. The disruption/cancellation/schedule change has to be notified within 14 days of departure for it to be applicable. I hope I’m wrong, for Marcus’ sake.

    I fear that Marcus may only be entitled to a reroute or a full refund, which is of course not a satisfactory solution.


    I fear that Marcus may only be entitled to a reroute or a full refund, which is of course not a satisfactory solution.

    I agree. My advice was given on the assumption that Marcus would have to make a decision within the 14 days.

    What complicates matters is the use of two airlines (one non-EU, the other EU-based) and the plane change en route.


    Marcus are you able to cancel, book on (skyteam)China Airlines via Tpe and claim any additional cost on your own travel insurance? I’m pretty sure Australia does not have any specific legislation to cover this situation. We rely on personal travel insurance. Other wise you have to bring a consumer claim against the airline before an informal tribunal.Impractical for non residents.
    Any Australian law couldn’t apply to any flight not originating in Australia.If your GA flight leaves Syd then you have no claim regarding later connections.Indonesia has a regulatory process. That would make a fascinating topic posted here if you have the patience.


    Hi All.
    Much appreciated the suggestions.
    To clarify, My trip out, was on a KLM MIles ticket. So returning is a seperate booking. Ex ZSYD return to LHR

    My return on Garuda is a purchased one way Biz C Class. So this, booked directly with Garuda on Line.
    These are Garuda flight SYD-LHR (if it exists), both sectors SYD-CGK / CGK-LHR.
    So no mixed Airlines.

    If i were to simply cancel, then a One way at this major peak time would be over £3,500, and there are very few Airlines with seats left, then only 23-26th December!

    However, i shall visit the Office in Sydney if it is still there today, and discuss this with them directly. We thought the only one was in Perth.
    Garuda are often not permitted to make a re-routing booking without consent from Indonesia in a situation such as this. But if i can meet face to face in an office here in Sydney, if they cannot demonstrate they have the flight running already, i think it reasonable to require a re-routing booking now.
    I am going to have to be quite insistent!
    Otherwise, Thank you for the suggestion of contacting my travel Insurance Company, as this would also be helpful and am sure they can guide me or take up this with Garuda to return me to London.

    With the route not yet up and running, I am not content, especially at at his peak time of year, to be waiting until the day, only to be ??? a possibility of getting a re-route and set. If i just cancel, it would cost the same again even with w refund (which will not be immediate), to return to the UK.

    So thank you for the suggestions, i shall try Garuda in Person, and indicate the delays on the service re-starting, and ask now to be re-booked on another carrier.
    After then, i shall contact my Travel Insurers.

    I will post what the results are.
    I value all your thoughts and advice, thanks.

    Just another demonstration of how Garuda operates?
    Under “Manage my Booking” on the Garuda website, My Ticket on the system shows no changes. it shows my seat and 3 seats free.
    However, the flight does not appear on the Garuda booking system, or timetable having checked today still… You cannot book this flight either cgk-LHR.
    Only flights with KLM show, with a 7 hr wait in CGK
    Atrocious Management by an Airline, and further delays to this route would not be s surprise?

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    I have seen from another flight related site, that though Garuda supposed to start the CGK-LHR NOn stop direct on 6th December, there are bookings able to me made until 15th December onwards!

    Given the constant pushing back of the commencing of these flights again, Would i have a greater entitlement to put to The Airline for a re-routing with an alternative carrier now, rather than finding out 48 hrs before i fly, or as i am at the airport.
    As it stands, no flights go to London with Garuda, and all talk no action regarding the re-commencing of these flights.
    I need and want my flight home to be designated NOW, as i am going to remote Places where there are no Mobile phone signals, or wifi, only simply a Landline at anearby farm in remote NSW. I will not return until 48hrs before my booked flight.
    So i need to have this sorted one way or another in the next 3 days.

    For info, i flew out Biz, on a miles ticket with KLM / Garuda. It was purchased, as a 1 way separate booking, on the Australian Garuda website (Purchasing a 1 way SYD-LHR), paid for with a UK credit card. My insurers would covered for Denied Boarding, and cancellations or delays, but i figure this is simply that the Airline have taken a booking, for a flight that simply does not exist yet? They keep pushing the dates for it to commence having behaved very erratically, and just withdrawn the route weeks before.

    Very few Airlines have any seats left during this period….even to purchase which are now double the price i paid for this Garuda flight.
    So this matter has to be sorted out urgently.

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