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    Didn’t want to hijack alexpo1’s excellent “ Name a place “ thread, and with Vietnam & DPRK featuring as places people have been , I thought lets share our best ever experiences as a recommendation….
    And it’s a magnificently dreich day up here north of the border , so I neede a bit of sunshine !

    Here’s my 5 in no particular order…..
    1) Picking Passion Fruit of a Passion Fruit tree whilst drinking real Kenyan tea whilst standing on top of the edge of the rift valley…… Head to Nyeri and turn left
    2) Uluru was touristically spectacular, …..but Kings Canyon was mind blowingly brilliant especially the Eden pool. .
    3) Heading home to Discovery Bay on the 3.30 am ferry from Central with the HK skyline slipping away behind….. Add to the atmosphere by grabbing a Tsing Tao @ the 7/11 to compliment the drunken craich on the outside deck.
    4) No 4 and more drink involved, and this time , it’s amble-amble– there’s the castle, then more drink and its shamble- amble, there’s the castle again and by the end of the night its a shambles-shambles and my where’s the castle……. There is so much more to Auld Reekie than the obvious, especially right now!!
    5) This could be the start of my petition to rename this great city Clinteastwoodville……After al, to walk in the steps of the birdman and then harry Callaghan…well enough said…….and Alcatraz is definitely the eeriest place I’ve ever been. !!

    And before somebody points out, its not Friday yet…….check no 3 …. : )


    +1 on Kings Canyon. Sunset at Uluru with a spectacular thunderstorm behind the rock was an incredible experience, but Kings Canyon is very impressive.


    Nice one Canucklad… really should move south!

    Ok, in no particular order I would say:-

    1. Sailing the fjords around Bergen on a sailing yacht in mid summer. A sunny day with the backdrop of the mountains plunging in to the clear blue/green water eating fresh caught fish and ice cold beer and Aquavit.

    2. A tour of Madrid on a Segway, my golly what fun.

    3. Arriving in Hong Kong early evening on the QE2.

    4 Swimming in the surf from the Sunshine Coast (Coolum Beach) Queensland.

    5. Egyptian Museum, Cairo.


    Sundowners round a Braai pit as the Sosaties and steaks gently grill and seeing in the distance a Rhino or Leopard gently walking past. The night silence broken by a cacophony of sound from small game, birds or insects. The sky so dark it’s illumination comes from a billion stars and no other light other than the glowing embers of the fire. Pure heaven!

    A tuk-tuk ride anywhere in India or Pakistan.

    A swim in warm waters (Greece, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kerala).

    Samba night in various Rio favelas.

    My first view of the Manhattan skyline.

    Anywhere on the Antrim coast north of Larne.

    And the people of Morocco.

    (What’s a Segway MrMichael?)


    It is one of those devices on two wheels one rides around on. Looks like you need incredible balance, but I mastered it in 5 mins. See below Alexpo.

    That’s what they are called! Very popular in Tenerife. Thanks MrM.


    Alexpo, give it a try if you get a chance, it really is great fun.

    You bet Mr. Next time I am in Madrid I will try one and cause complete chaos between nightclub and hotel and hopefully arrive in time for breakfast. Do they carry two?


    I fear not, that I am aware of. It really was the most fantastic fun, perfectly safe. I am in Madrid a great deal, in fact in Madrid right now, so when your in town or anywhere else that rents them out with a little tuition give it a go. Then start a thread…….First on Segway… catering, standing only, might even make your top 5 in this thread that rather seems to have been hijacked by us. Apologies to Canucklad.


    1. (again) skyline of Manhattan seen for the first time
    2. The Caucasus mountain range in winter, covered in snow, clear blue sky
    3. Pelicans fishing off the coast of San Diego, seen from the bar while taking the second margarita
    4. The Turku archipelago, seen from the air
    5. Boobies diving off Cape Point, and gannets off St Kilda


    1. First ,(and every subsequent) view of Table Mountain
    2. The Pyramids
    3. The Strip, Las Vegas at night
    4. Fog over The Golden Gate Bridge
    5. The view from “The Rock”, NYC


    WOW nice one canucklad, a lot of thought into this one but here goes.

    1. As above the first and every time you see Table Mountain
    2. On a boat just off the cape along from Camps Town in Cape Town by Seal Island watching mother nature at its best as a great white lifted out of the water to snatch a seal, I dont think I have ever seen anything like it!
    3. Walking over the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge not long having seen it for the first time
    4. Bungee jumping off the Sky Tower in Auckland the view and the rush !!
    5. Paddle Steamer on the Mississippi before Katrina wiped out New Orleans a magical tour…

    I guess I could go on forever but these 5 stand out to me .. Have a great weekend all


    Apart from the birth of Joy and Terror!

    Hong Kong Sevens in ’93 – first time in CX Business Class, Mandarin Oriental Captain’s bar and Joe Bananas in its prime. Fifty two B52’s got things started! Agree the late night/early morning Star Ferry is ‘reviving’

    Going solo in a glider aged 16 – thank you Air Cadets.

    RWC 2011 in New Zealand – Private dinner at Pegasus Winery near Christchurch was beyond incredible. Excellent SQ flights and first experience of their A380.

    First trip to Manhattan – felt like like being on a movie set 24/7 and stumbling across the bar in the Rainbow Room (as in accidentally finding it) with its magnificent views, capped a great 24 hours.

    Stockholm in summer of ’92. Superb service from SAS – they offered limo service to the hotel back then as part of the ticket. Midnight sun, stunning harbour/archipelago and beautiful nightlife, it was expensive and I recall using the expression ‘the milky bars are on me’ at one stage in Bern’s Cafe. The look on my bosses face when he asked how much of the £1500 advance I had left and was told he owed me a further £550 made for a perfect ending.

    But the best was flying on one of the last Concorde flights from LHR to JFK. The original Concorde Lounge, with the aircraft outside awaiting departure was spine tingling. Captain even gave a pre departure speech there and his and indeed the crews sadness at the loss of Concorde was very evident with tears shed onboard. From the third row it was very apparent the pax in row 1 with an empty seat next to him was a regular (they left standby passengers in the lounge) and he even had his own bottle of Margaux. He spent most of the flight looking at spreadsheets and consoling crew members whilst the rest of us passengers kinda partied. I think the Sage of Omaha was having just as much fun adding up his columns! Seats were spacious enough, service was outstanding but highlights were the take off with proper acceleration, passing the sound barrier and the feeling throughout of doing something that might well never be able to do again,in my lifetime – akin to listening to a string quartet on the deck of a sinking ship but with a happy ending.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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