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  • LuganoPirate

    Bringing back our end of week Friday funday, and being the 13th as well, I’m just wondering if everyone has had a good or bad day?

    Internet went down at 4.30 am and I had to send out a contract which was then delayed till 9am (Internet back on at 6am but I fell asleep!!!)
    Builders to another house managed to burst a main water pipe so we had our water cut for 3 hours. Luckily I had enough water in the kettle for my tea!
    When the estate manager passed to check the water, he discovered a small leak to our fire sprinkler system. By the time he’d finished fiddling, it had become a big leak. I managed to make a temporary fix and for now it’s ok.

    Finally, travel related, I was booking George – JNB, yesterday it was R. 806. Today R. 1450.00 and by the time Mrs. LP had decided if she was joining me, I ended up paying R. 1750..!!!

    Good news was I discovered Agoda, and instead of paying R.2,200 for my hotel room for one night, I got it for R.1500, same room, same hotel!

    So all in all not to bad, but I am making a Braai (BBQ) tonight so hopefully I won’t need the sprinklers..

    How was your day?


    Well LP, Didn’t even realise it was the 13th……..

    Sounds as if you’ve had an opportunity to embrace all the emotions that life can chuck at you, and don’t despair it’ll soon be the 14th.

    My 13th……nowhere near as exciting, living in Scotland, probably just as wet though!!
    Completed to old fashioned letters of complaint to the CEO of Northern Rail as well as to HKG’s Duty Free Shop—–Feeling rather pleased with myself LOL
    Work wise , Just finishing reports and following up on some project stuff. Very boring , very unimportant IMO, yet having to happy clappy and whoop it up for stakeholders egos, whom have an over inflated belief in their self-importance.

    On a different topic on the forum you mentioned Dunbar and Macallan’s .
    Spookily , my 13th will inevitably be linked to both. My beer of choice is Belhaven Best, brewed in Dunbar, and I’ll be enjoying the company of friends, one of whom is a member of Dunbar Golf Club and whose favourite Dram happens to be…..well I’m sure you can guess….
    That’s all after I get all my work frustrations out by first playing a very competitive game of football .

    Anyway have a great weekend, and if you’ve got a horse running at Aintree tomorrow, may it jump like a stag and sprint like a cheetah……

    Jeeez, almost forgot ——I also won 2 original Beatles 45’s –Hey Jude and Strawberry Lane —Yeah


    At 5 am I had a phone call to say my elderly mother had collapsed at home and was being admitted to hospital.
    During breakfast the post arrived with a speeding ticket in it.

    Another letter was the cancellation of my 3 monthly oncology check up.

    On my way to the post office at lunchtime, to post the reply, the clutch went on my car, £550 to repair,

    Still another 6 hours to go,

    It’s just one of those days.


    JonnyG…..Life will get better…believe me…


    Normally I am a little superstitious. However this Friday the 13th went very well for me.
    I was scheduled to return from Shanghai to Singapore in the last flight that reaches Singapore past midnight. However as my work finished by lunch time, I requested and granted seat on earlier flight.
    The earlier flight is A380 vs a old B777-200 later flight. Plus service was excellent and crew members were not robotic at all as some forum members sometimes comment.
    All in all a good Friday the 13th.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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