Freeze Frequent Flyer and Hotel Loyalty status due to Coronavirus?

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  • WearyWeagie

    I live in the UK but cover the Asia Pacific region in my job. The travel I do means I am top tier FF with a number of airlines and also top or hight tier with hotel chains.
    Now this Coronavirus has meant our company have put travel restrictions to Asia Pacific with no knowing when they might be lifted. I find myself grounded in the UK making just the occasional trip to the US for internal meetings.
    How do I maintain my elite status?

    I know most of these programs allow freezing of status for things like Maternity/Paternity leave or exceptional circumstances such as illness. Has anyone asked about the impact of the coronavirus on our ability to maintain status?

    I’m going to give it a go!


    Good luck. You might need it….

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    The world is watching and concerned about this new virus which even though has less fatalities than influenza is still a global concern and you are concerned about your FF status. How pathetic are you? If it means that much to you why not spend your own money instead of your employers and get on a plane and fly to some vacation spot since you cannot currently fly for business. Your sense of entitlement speaks volumes


    Weary Weagie, this is a precised post I made on another thread I started titled “If only we were all treated like this.

    I have been flying with CX for 31 years, the last 25 years at Diamond Level.
    Back in Sept last year whilst walking our dogs I slipped, overstretched my leg resulting in a torn quadricep muscle in my right knee
    Surgery and 5 weeks in plaster so no flying for 6/7 weeks and certainly no long haul flying because of the risk of DVT
    I wrote to CX two weeks ago
    Got a phone call from the Head of the Marco Polo Club, Jessica Meyers, saying she would like to talk to me
    So this morning she duly did. Could not renew at Diamond as the gap was to large
    However they would renew me at Gold,one level down from Diamond
    Jessica gave me 4 four upgrade vouchers valid for a year plus the next time I was in HKG I was to let her know and we would meet up.

    A happy camper indeed


    To be honest @CathayLoyalist2 your circumstances are exceptional and totally different to making exceptions for the entire FF base of several airlines.

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    Great story of customer service CathayLoyalist!
    @SimonS1 – you make a very valid point. This is an issue effective lots of customers and not an isolated special case. I was considering this from the BA angle where it would effect a smaller proportion of travellers but hadn’t considered what this means to the tens of thousands of FF members of airlines such as Cathay, China Airlines etc.
    Indeed we’ve already seen Cathay shut 3 lounges in London due to reduced use requirements. It would be interesting to see how the overall status level of their FF base are reduced this year as a result. Will the Emerald/first queues be much shorter next year as a result? Or will we see a mad rush of people doing points runs?


    Even on BA it could affect thousands – GGL, Gold, Silver etc.


    Whilst on the surface the OP may seem a bit insensative i can see the point behind it. However i do feel that companies who are grounding staff to the entire region are jumping the gun, particuarly those whose employees who travel to areas in Asia that are not heavily affected. Our company has stopped travel to mainland China on a mix of high risk basis and enforced quarantine upon return to thier home nations but also as most business are closed there is very little that can be achieved. However travel to other countries has not been suspended. I think the only chance of retaining status would be you can show at year end you had bookings with an airline or hotel and they cancelled it or your own country/country travelling to enforced suspension.


    I agree with gater1960. The OP concern is laughable with the present context, considering he is a seasoned traveller.
    I travelled a lot and now suddenly it stopped. Am I worried about my FF statues? Am I crazy? It never crossed my mind. I am rather worried about the people who must travel, like emergency responders, people in emergencies, etc.
    Also all FF status are gelid for 1-2 years. This situation either contained or mitigated in next 2-3 months or if not we have to worry about our normal wellbeing and forget about FF status.

    And someone with really connected with business knows that global economy is at a crossroad (this virus or not), the business cost has to come down drastically. And business travel will reduce due to economic reasons and technological improvements. One shall better anticipate that – FF status is a small perks.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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