Fourth rate subsidiary of a third rate airline.

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  • capetonianm

    I have never liked Iberia after having to fly them frequently when I lived in Madrid. More recently, I have done my best to avoid them and their even worse offspring, Vueling My first experience on Vueling about 4 years ago flying BCN LGW was very poor but I was locked into them as travelling with a family member who’d already booked.

    Earlier this week I had to fly LIS AMS and was restricted to a specific time, so had to take VY. 45 minute delay, which I was advised of on check-in, turned into an hour, which happens, and the captain made a number of unintelligible announcements and apologies for this. Unintelligible even to me and I speak English and Spanish fluently, but this is the norm for Iberia, where they gabble through the announcements. Cabin crew announcements were even worse, no wonder people don’t bother listening, which I find very rude and disrespectful to the CC but then the airlines need to up the quality of the announcements.

    Cabin crew curt and unfriendly to everybody, I heard one slagging off one of the passengers in Spanish, very unprofessional, they got my drink order wrong (gin and tonic …….. how difficult is that?) and got very defensive when I said that’s not what I asked for.

    I know it’s a LCC but they don’t seem to be that cheap and surely they can do better with basics.


    They used to be alright, in the early days, but then they were cruzified.

    Now a very poor airline and one I would avoid.


    Capetionianm, clearly this is the legacy The Cruzifier has left behind. Could he make it 2 in a row? Time will tell.


    I’ve flown Iberia in Economy and Business (mid-haul to the USA) and the two could not have been different. Economy extremely poor all round. Business completely different. A purser who was personable attentive and on his game. I guess the overall IAG expectation namely don’t expect a lot and you will not be disappointed. That said Air Nostrum the Iberia Regional Airline is something different again. All mainly 45- 75 minute flights but the crew are well groomed,presentable and polite….and punctual. So it can be done with the right leadership!!


    IB new Business Class…superb! Vueling 26″ seat pitch and “service” horrific. The Veuling boss, Snr Cruz, who allowed this to happen now runs BA…explains a lot


    I had some excellent longhaul flights on Iberia before I stopped using them. The food and service were excellent, but the ground handling and staff at Barajas were atrocious. I am convinced that Iberia has a training school to turn normally civil and polite people into snarling, aggressive, arrogant and ignorant Iberia employees.

    Perhaps my worst memory of Iberia was waiting for a seriously delayed flight out of Madrid to JNB, and they kept making the announcements in Spanish only, which most of the passengers did not understand. I was relaying the information and eventually got fed up and went to the employee behind the desk and suggested that they made the announcements in English because most of the passengers were in transit and English speaking and did not understand Spanish. She then told me that they were ‘unos tontos de mierda’ or words to that effect, for not speaking Spanish.

    Then there was the time that there was major delay out of JNB and the so-called station manager was too gutless to come out of his office and face the customers.

    An abysmal airline, run for the convenience of the Spanish Royal family, Iberia employees and their friends.


    Agree fully with capetonianm.

    I have had some fabulous experiences in their long haul Biz Class – good food, lovely staff, great seat. Much much better then BA.

    Their ground handling on the other hand I have just found terrible. In Madrid, I found the staff obnoxious. In London there is little representation. (They lost my bag on 7 out of 10 flights to Peru in about a 12 month period so I did get enough exposure to to get a good average of their attitude!)

    Their Economy product, both long and short haul however is pretty poor. Whilst they have much nicer planes then BA (well certainly to the destinations I fly to!), the vast majority of the crew just seem to treat economy passengers with utter disdane.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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