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    I will shortly be travelling on an early morning flight to London in transit to San Francisco. I dislike early morning in flight breakfasts. I have not yet been throught T5. Can anyone tell me if the First Class Lounge in T5 provides a cooked breakfast. I am aware the Arrivals Lounge does but I will not be able to visit it.



    In the First Lounge in T5 they have a wonderful buffet that definitely has hot breakfast dishes as well as a menu card where you can order hot dishes as well (also throughout the day lunch and dinner items, etc.) In the Concorde Room, the restaurant serves a la carte breakfast which I recently enjoyed while waiting for my flight to New York (Concorde Room is only available to passengers seated in First Class regardless of Exec Card status, and the First Lounge of course can be accessed by Gold Exec card holders, and they have recently become more strict in checking Exec Status asking for your physical card regardless of what is stated on your boarding pass). In general, the food selection in all BA T5 Lounges is without compare by any airline. Outstanding. Beats Cathay, Qantas, all European Carriers, most Middle Eastern Carriers, and all US carriers. Perhaps only Singapore and Emirates lounges beat this but T5 is a real hard one to beat. You will not go hungry, so skip the brekkie on board and enjoy the lounge!



    Thanks for your precise description of what I can expect.



    Don’t forget there is also the Gordon Ramsay restaurant just outside which is pretty good as you’d expect!



    The Plane Food take-aways are also highly recommended:



    As a frequent flyer who used T5 and know the different lounges there–I just like the ambience and food choices. Of course TG F lounge in BKK or LH F lounges in FRA/MUC has more wider range of food choices–but till yet I never felt dissappointed that I needed other food choices outside the lounges( Gordon Ramsey’s picnic box is a good alternative). They often look basic and almost the same choice( this refer to the Club/Silver card section)-but it still satisfies the needs of these pax. I often compare BA T5 terraces lounges and LH business lounges and sometimes SEN lounges—personally I think BA is one step better than LH here.
    Don’t get me wrong here–but as I travel often to Asia and used Asian carriers from time to time–I really like the aspect of a noodle bar like in CX lounges or some sushi choices –perhaps a BA responsible is reading our comments and regard this as a recommendation for future improvements of BA T5 lounges.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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