Flying Blue drops European fuel surcharges for reward tickets

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    I got an Flying Blue email today saying that there would be no fuel surcharges for reward tickets in Europe, Israel and North Africa. (A very timely communication given other threads here on the airlines deceptive practices in relation to these hidden extras). “Celle-ci est désormais comprise dans tous les billets primes” — “this is now included in all reward tickets” said the email.

    I have a platinum card but I think that this is an across-the-board new policy. Will BA follow suit?


    In some ways, haven’t BA/IAG already done this with the Reward Flight Saver which is applicable to Zones 1-3?


    They’re not just going to give it away, so my guess is that there is going to be a clawback somewhere, perhaps more miles required for a redemption trip, or less given on an accrual trip. Or less flexibility.

    Sorry to sound like an old cynic, but that is exactly what I am.


    For flights within Europe1, there’s no more fuel surcharge for you to pay separately2.
    Now it will be included in all award tickets.

    Flying Blue is also introducing more availability of award tickets within Europe1. This means you will enjoy even more booking options when searching for destinations and flights.

    You can still book any Classic Award ticket in Economy starting at the same number of Miles as usual. The number of Miles required for other award tickets has been increased to better reflect the new flexibility and availability, as well as the surcharge inclusion.

    (Email received at 1539Z this afternoon)


    Am a Gold member yet haven’t such an email.
    Still, very few would use their miles for short haul, and flights to some areas are not being taken up, due to political instability.

    Long haul Biz routes are the ones that make the miles worthwhile.
    Use them to say London, the fare can be £5…do no one would use their miles for this logically for value?



    Yes I think you are correct, the cost is now £27 for economy and £35 for CE redemption flights, which is significantly less than it used to be.


    Much as I deplore BA charges this is a catch up move by KLM. What will they charge for flight to North Africa in terms of APD and passenger service charges. I realise AMS has a very low level of APD but it will be interesting to compare say AMS TIP with BA on the LHR TIP route.

    BA 20000 points plus £27 in total for M class.
    BA 40000 points plus £34 in total for club.

    This strikes me a food value but would like to see how KLM compare with the removal of fuel surcharge.


    “I realise AMS has a very low level of APD … “

    AMS has no APD at all. It used to have a modest “eco” tax but as MarkusUK noted in another thread, it was scrapped a couple of years ago because the Dutch government lost more than it gained. Canny passengers were crossing the border in favour of departing from DUS, CGN, FRA and BRU. And the passenger numbers using AMS declined).


    AMS has no APD.

    not withstanding this it really would be useful to see the costs of a KLM flight from AMS to a point also served by BA under this new system of no fuel surcharges.

    I think flight saver reward was a very clever move by BA just wish they would extend to all flights globally.


    The KLM North Africa and Europe only miles flights, only reduce the Airline surcharges i.e Fuel surcharges, which we all know are annoying and underhand, and not applied globally.

    You still have to pay all the other taxes and airport surcharges etc, related to the countries and airports you use.

    KLM used to NOT charge anything for the miles flights they were included when FB first started, then they removed that benefit.

    So, overall, you extra miles they charge, merely pays them back the Airline surcharges, nothing more. This in turn reduces their FFP liability.

    North Africa is not the most politically settled or predictable of regions just now so not popular. Further, European miles flights with all the charges, when the fares can be as little as £5…well, that’s the value you get with your miles!
    Better to be used for Business Class + Long hauls?

    I do not see we gain anywhere…

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