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    The New rules for the FB came into effect 1st April.
    It appears that:

    – A ply to increase reward business class up from 50% on top of economy, to now double on all flights.
    – AF dont have ANY Promo awards in Business class at all, but list “premium economy” seats, when they dont yet have any on board!!!
    Needless to say they cant be booked yet ,are on offer til the end of /travel by May 09!
    The FB awards system is in a mess! You choose a flight at one of the offers then when you go through to book, the miles are increased, either, say a 22,500 to 25,000, or 20,000 to 40,000.
    I have tried many of the promo offers all on different dates throughout the 2 months, (bearing in mind they have only just been released). Not ONE of them can be booked or are valid for the offer stated.
    The system hasnt been calibrated correctly & has lots of faults.

    (its NOT due to flight inavailability, dates etc, it gives you one miles price, then changes & ups the amount end of the booking).

    Notable also, the “Surcharges” for flights
    on all the routes, appears to have been increased, some by over Euros 100, without detailing what these are for .
    For us UK members, the exchange rate £-Euro is dire, & all flights charges in Euros so we have a double whammy!

    Perhaps BT would conact FB to ask why these system havent been addressed, & raise the points found?


    Completely agree! You can only always book the business promo’s with KLM. Another problem is booking one way flights – if you try to book with partner airlines (Alitalia or Delta) the booking system just stops


    Can BT raise this with Flying Blue please?
    U seem to get nowhere pointing things out to Air france FB run “service”, by email or phone.

    As they have just altered the system thr feedback by BT would carry much weight & they would surely look into the site problems.

    Whats the point of them having mileage discounts in Air france premium economy service, bookable til the end of May, when they dont have the seats or aircraft on those routes yet?!!!

    Its a complete mess, not one offer can be taken up at the miles they state!


    I dont know if this was ever looked into… but this is slightly OT but related as well.

    I havent flown with AF since early last year, and now see that if I don’t fly with them for 20 months, my miles expire.

    So 1st question – is that correct? seems a bit harsh – understand losing status -not that i had any – but the miles as well???

    2nd thing – i thought i would spend the miles with the shop they have on the site.

    I dont have many miles, but thought the towels looked ok and wouldnt cost much to post.

    one towel was 10k miles and, wait for it, 22 euro to post from paris.

    best laugh ive had today. didnt bother looking at the other things – plates cups and watches etc…

    so last question – should i just give the miles to charity – and if so, which one? they are listed here – any preferences i should bare in mind – i have heard of a few of them but not most



    If you look at FB Offers, they have -50% reductions on flights for selected places, EU start from 5,000 one way.

    I fly my 30+ flights a year with KLM but earn few miles now, as always buy the most economic fare. So i only use the milesfor a holiday when they are reduced by 50%, these however costing more then they used to (EG DXB- lhr Business would have been 15,000 miles one way, now its 20,000 at the discount, Asia 40,000, was 30,000.

    U can also buy miles, but its a Mad ratye of Euros 54 i see for 2,000!

    Looked at yr Charity selection – AF seem to have taken this over also, all French Charities.
    I believe on board that you can donate miles to KLM, where they use the miles to fly staff to the charitable projects, if that has not been changed also.

    I agree, its a downhill FB & worse since Air France took over the Flying Dutchman program, & KLM are still great if you have problems, but AF you get little done, & FB is staffed by AF personnel now.

    The benefits remain good though when you fly, Great Skyteam Lounge at LHR & AMS especially.
    Perhaps our FF cards are to be considererd more for the when you fly perks than the free trips in the future…


    Thanks for that.

    I agree – the programs where i have high status, the miles are secondary to the perks. I only have a few thousand miles with FB so may as well give them to one of the charities (christmas after all).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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