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    I guess it’s not surprising that there seem to be no threads on what must be the most pointless scheme going. Flybe “free” flights in exchange for their points for paid flights – and money spent on their credit card can allegedly be swapped for free flights……plus the cost of taxes of course. Well, frankly, I have never been able to book ANY free flights on a simple BHX BHD domestic route! I expect it is fixed so that it is only possible if the flight is free anyway or is 4p!! What a complete waste of time. So, I have now cut up my Flybe mastercard and will continue with my 1% cashback card. Oh, and no I don’t want a lounge access card for 12 months as there are no spirits available in Flybe lounges. I know this as my Priority Pass card (which I get free with my AmEx Centurion Card) gets me into FlyBe lounges anyway!
    What a way to run a loyalty programme!!



    In 2008 / 2009 I collected enough FLYBE rewards points to claim 2 return trips anywhere in the EU.
    First problem, one way trips are not allowed.
    Second problem, I could never find a flight where I could get both there AND back (either outbound or retun showing as full)
    Third problem – Flybe suddenly decided to put a ‘shelf life’ on rewards points and, as a result, I lost the lot!
    Where there is no choice, I will use Flybe, where there is a choice, I will try my best to avoid them



    There are actually some other threads on Flybe Rewards4***all, Nigel Tarrant and I are amongst the gold status moaners. Yeah makes even bmi DC miles look valuable.



    The lounge at Manchester has booze.



    I avoid flymaybe, so cannot comment on their loyalty scheme or elite perks.

    However, bmi’s DC scheme is amongst the most generous and valuable frequent flyer schemes in the market.

    Were it not for the fact it is at high risk of being swallowed up into Lufty’s Miles & Less it would be my primary mileage scheme. I am still redeeming successfully though reducing earning to the giveaways and too good to miss promos.



    I’ve used Flybe from Southampton to Bergerac many times, and accrued sufficient reward points for free international travel.

    I’ve never been able to redeem a free flight. On being refused the ‘low season’ dates, I buy a ticket, only to find the flights are less than 40 % full.



    Amazingly I’ve managed to burn off 32 points before they expire on return reward flights to two of their most popular summer destinations, Gatwick and Birmingham.



    I agree with VintageKrug. I think the bmi DC is really good generous and I can normally redeem some decent reward flights with Star Alliance partners and in Biz.. Alas I am fearful they will be swallowed with the less generous Miles and More scheme. Surely it will be a matter of time look at Swiss, Austrian and Croatia Airways



    Just as I got toward my free flight last year, my points from previous flights started to seep out the other end 🙁 I have looked for reward availability, and it is awful – I cannot get any dates or destinations I would like, so I think it’s time to admit defeat.

    There is wine in the lounge, but I would like spirits!



    Sorry proliteboss, at MAN there is a choice of cans of Stella or some poor red or white wine, no spirits, no other decent choices.

    Poor, poor program !



    So pointless (no pun intended) is this scheme that I dont even bother to check they’ve added points to my account anymore.
    A complete re-think is required if they are serious about a loyalty scheme.



    Rickers what were you expecting, a range of wines to suit every taste from the four corners of the world, a chilled walk in cabin to select any number of fine champagnes. This is a low cost airline, if you want all of the above then I suggest you charter your own plane. I take it you got an A+ in your O level MOANING



    As Jim says I am a gold moaner on this scheme. I lost all my points because they never had any flights available and I was looking at multiple destinations too.

    Don’t forget they also won’t give you reward flights to Spain or Croatia having withdrawn that last year.

    And forget the idea that they are “low cost” when you add up all the charges etc they are quite expensive.



    Oh dear, proliteboss, I didn’t mean to upset you.
    Your sarcastic and frankly rude post was really unwarranted, and not terribly funny.
    I only stated exactly what the alcoholic options were, and for the price that I pay for Economy Plus tickets with Flybe I don’t find it to be a particularly fair return.
    As the routes that I fly have a choice of Flybe or nothing, I don’t even have the luxury of being able to vote with my feet and take my business elsewhere, therefore I am quite comfortable with airing my disappointment with aspects of the Flybe service that warrant this.
    As ever, YMMV.

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