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  • cosmoB2012

    I usedSQ several times before Covid and liked the seats, the crews, the friendliness. A let down was the lounge in Singapore. Having flown from
    Stockholm to Bangkok and then on to Singapore on TG in their A350 business class last week I was positively surprised. Planes were top notch and the crews were excellent, same for the food and drinks. For a short hop from Singapore to KL I took the SQ A350 which was nice, but a 40min flight is different than long-haul. The new SQ lounges in Singapore are absolutely fantastic, the immigration in Singapore a breeze (took me 60 secs via their e-gates). KL arrival was a nightmare, waited 2 hours for my turn at immigration. Badly organised and managed.


    My last return trip with SAE in business from France was very bad too, bad seats and poor services.

    Was PPS before and travelled with them during 12 years, now I’m Platinum on Emirates.

    I still don’t understood why they are still N°1 company in Asia.

    My last business trip with Thai from Paris to Bkk was not good too on 350 (seats and services) but the other flight from Bkk to Tokyo on 777 was better (seats and services) and they lost my luggage, waited 5 days to have it!


    I flew J LHR – SIN – New Zealand in November (A350, B777, A350, A380) and was very disappointed with the seat, having to put my legs at an angle in the cubbyhole.

    Food was OK, and I liked ‘Book the chef’. Crew were reasonably interactive.

    Long walk from gates to Lounge at SIN.


    JAL at least seems back to pre-Covid standards.

    I just flew TSA-HND-LAX and, apart from the shared lounge at TSA (Taipei Songshan, very convenient to downtown), I was well pleased.

    JAL’s HND Lounge is airy and spacious, and their 300ER Business seats very comfortable, with a privacy screen.


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    I urge everyone posting to stop saying things changed or were stopped due to Covid. Covid is just a simple virus which behaved exactly as it should. The only factor which affected our ability to fly or live normal lives were Government interference and complete over-reach in our lives for absolutely no reason.


    Richardw. With ever respect I totally disagree with the thrust of your post and to me it is total nonsense that ignores that the virus mutated and killed hundreds of thousands. Granted governments made mistakes some more than others.

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    I flew recently a 2 sector SQ flight in Business. First the A350 which was very comfortable and good lie-flat seat…. then A380 – I was in complete disbelieve at the horrible layout of Bus Cl seats with only a 55 inch pitch and an off-centre foot cubby hole, meaning you need to be either a child or a contortionist to lie flat comfortably. Give me the TG completely flat and straight lie flat seat on their 777 any time. (My only gripe with Thai is that they have removed Campari from their Bus Cl offering – otherwise it is getting back slowly to pre-covid quality and good old fashioned customer service.)

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    One major issue with these reactivated A380s is they *tend* to be fitted with less up-to-date business classes.

    The cost of a total A380 refurbishment is enormous and that is one of the reasons why AF retired its A380s so early because their interiors had not been modernised since they were delivered. In other words business class was still the old angled seating (i.e. not fully flat) and the layout remained 2-2-2 on the upper deck.

    Not sure about the A380 you travelled on Jomtien9 as SIA did refurbish some of its A380s after they were returned to Singapore.


    Having done 4 long haul SQ sectors over xmas/ NY for the first time in a while, and a BA LHR-JFK-LHR in Feb, a few observations –

    – SQ J seat varies across the fleet, I was in A350s and 777s, i hate the version where your legs end up in a little cubby hole. I sleep on my side and feel quite restricted (6’2″), I didnt sleep well, and dont appreciate being twisted across the seat (which forces my head to be the closest part of me to the aisle and thus to people walking past). And getting up out of your seat to turn your seat back over so you can sleep on it is not, in anyone’s world, a pinnacle of passenger experience. Disagree? Fight me!

    – SQ On board offering not as good as years ago, but still very very good, and staff were attentive on all flights and showed a few “extra mile” touches here and there. Wine list excellent. The service experience would not make me avoid SQ, but at an equal price point, I would skip SQ because of the seat. I frankly cant believe it got greenlit.

    – BA’s new club suite is excellent to travel in, although perhaps not as private as QR for example. The staff, however, were as disinterested and invisible as ever. Somehow BA seems to think that giving you an extra scone with afternoon tea is what constitutes an attentive passenger experience, but to me it feels like a gesture stemming from embarrassment not to be serving an actual meal with some flavour and effort behind it. Although they did bring the cabin red coloured champagne as it was Valentines Day so there’s that.

    – Also, being bussed from LHR T5 to your plane to climb steps on what is supposed to be your “flagship” route is just sad…as was being kept waiting 45 minutes because they weren’t sure the front door would close and seal ( yes, good from a safety perspective but again, not the experience you want)

    – BA – disclaimer – it was an award flight. I usually dont fly BA long haul when I’m paying the fare, and that trip only reminded me why.


    I have read the BT email for many years, but have been retired for some time, and now only fly as a leisure passenger with my wife in business class cabins across a number of airlines both short and long haul. We have recently returned to Heathrow from Auckland via Singapore. Not having flown with SIA for some years, I found this thread very interesting so thought I’d offer some observations on our experience.

    Didn’t get off to a good start at Heathrow check in as we were told our pre reserved seats we’re unavailable due to a maintenance issue, and we were forced to sit in 96A and 97A, the last two seats on the upper deck. To sell those as a full fare business seats was a disgrace, and to date we have managed to get 10,000 krismiles as compensation!

    Our main issue with the two legs on the A380, and the 777-300ER was the dreadful seats. Even in the updated A380 on the return leg to London, the seats are too hard for a long haul leg, there is no mattress for sleeping, and if you want to lie flat, having to lie almost diagonally with your feet in a small cubby hole is quite the worst option we have experienced compared with other carriers. There is no automatic amenity kit given out, and if you ask for one, the contents are pretty naff.

    That said, we found the cabin crew excellent on all legs, and the food using “book the cook” was quite good. SIA business fares to the other end of the world have become very expensive , we shall not be using them again.

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