First class multi Sector booking on – now I find one sector is in Y

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  • SwissExPat

    I just made a booking on from Europe to the Carribean via London and MIA.

    I choose the First fare (there are 6 sectors in Total and a mixture of BA and AA metal)

    All through the booking (and I have screen prints) all was as expected with no mention that any sector was in anything other than F (long laul) and J for the intermediate shorter sectors.

    I paid with my credit card (non refundable) and then the first warning arrived saying that my booking was confirmed but that my ‘Special Request could not be processed for these flights”…. What could they mean? I did not make any special request.

    Then as I was going into ‘Manage my booking’ and selecting seats that the problem/issue presented. On one of the shorter sectors ex MIA, it was in Y !!!!!!

    This was the first mention of this. Absolutely no mention during any of the booking processes that this was the offering.

    I have been booking these flights for years and have over 13,000 BA tier points and this is the first time I have been mugged.

    Any views as to how I should progress this?


    0844 369 9899 – if you are still awake

    Not sure what your AA/BA status is….

    Could it be that the short ex-MIA flight does not have F…


    I think Martyn may be right, some of the smaller flights operated out of MIA would all be one class hence the Y designation…

    Where is the flight too??


    Hi All

    I believe the issue with my booking is that the final sector (to GCM) is full in F/J (it seems that there are only 8 such seats).

    The problem is on the Return leg where the F/J seat is not showing and on selecting seats AFTER booking, only seats from row 3 back were showing (in Y)

    On the outward leg of this booking, I have a seat in F/J so the route does offer this.

    My Beef is that there was absolutely no indication during the booking process that this was the case. I could have choosen a different return day or a different flight on the day if this had been made known to me i.e with a warning saying that “Some of your sectors are in Economy” etc

    On a normal BA based booking where one can see the seat availability BEFORE paying, I would not have been caught out!

    I expect that I may be wait listed for passage in F/J but I dont hold out much hope that anyone at AA will be actively looking to improve my situation.

    FYI I am BAEC Gold



    Are you sure that the leg was not a ‘Y-up’ or ‘K-up’ fare?

    This is a US ticket where you pay an economy fare, but get an instant space available upgrade.

    If there is no availability in the upgrade cabin, it reverts to being a coach ticket.


    AA offer a 24 hour free cancellation window. Their US call centre staff are also extremely helpful. In such circumstances I would call AA and request a clarification and modification to the concerned flight. I’m sure they would change the travel date for you at no cost if a higher cabin was available on another date. Otherwise, you could simply cancel your ticket and rebook.


    No, the ticket was a normal Return ticket purchased on AA.Com.

    Against each itinerary for the in and outward legs, there weree 3 column (Econ, Business and First)

    I chose First for bot the out and return sectors.

    At no stage was there any indication that one sector was in Y.

    I will chek when I get to the outward station on the start of my return leg (as this 1st sector is in Y and the F from Miami to London)

    I fully exoect that the seats in J are sold and that was why the Y sector was inserted. I am just a bit annoyed that this was not highlighted until AFTER I had paid.

    That said, the whole trip is very good value (at approx Euro 3,100) and will have BA A380 F on the return leg


    It could look like a J fare, but be a K-up.

    Was it sold as P class, by any chance?

    There are tales of people buying these type of tickets and then having the upgrade withdrawn when AA sold actual business class tickets, in some cases on the aircraft, before departure.


    I checked the summary email from AA.

    The Booking class indicated on the sectors were J and A for the sectors in Business and First respectively and the “Rogue” sector in Economy is listed as “Y”.

    I sent an email to AA 2 days ago and have not yet had a response.

    Interestingly, the complete booking shows on my BA Exec Account online and the TIER POINTS (which show in the Booking as expected to be earned for this trip) suggest that I will receive only 10 TIER POINTS for the sector in Economy.

    I can fully understand that if the plane has no J seats available then I cannot travel in J (although I paid for a FIRST class ticket) surely I should receive TIER points and AVIOS corresponding to the FIRST/BUsiness booking I made?

    I note that the FARE BASIS for all the Sectors (shown on my receipt) are the same for all 6 sectors.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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