First Class Crying Baby bumped off Flight

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  • LuganoPirate

    Nice one FCT.


    Last nights flight to PVG was, for me, a case in point.

    An overnight flight with meetings the next day, my intention was to eat & sleep.

    I ate, I didn’t sleep as the folks directly in front of me had a youngster (probably under 2 years old) with them who screeched, wailed, shouted randomly, as kids do, and generally carried on for the entire flight (10.5 hours).

    Noise cancelling headphones and ear plugs did nothing to detract from this and, by the way, have you ever tried sleeping with a large pair of Bose over ear cans on your head?

    Was I happy? – No
    Did I sleep? – No
    Did anyone else sleep? – doubtful
    Would I complain or glare at them? – definitely not, it’s a fact of life, I did question in my own mind, the rights or wrongs of bringing an infant into a premium cabin (my wife and I chose not to do so when ours were young) but I came to the conclusion that although I think it’s somewhat of an odd choice by the parents, they do have a right to sit where they want and we, as passengers do not have a right to silence no matter how much we pay.
    The child would have made the same noise in any cabin and people would have been kept awake no matter what.


    SDT…Well said…totally agree with you…


    [quote quote=784509]The first class pax apparently wanted to stand her ground but did not do anything to comfort her child insisting to have the first class seat reclined to sleep next to her to comfort the baby for the take off!! What a joke!
    A minimum age would be a good idea to fly First. After all they fly free – I think.
    Not being a snob. But if adults went into first class with a blaring boom box, Ian sure he’ll be told off.
    Parents do have a responsibility.


    I agree, to many parents seem to think that their children can do what they like when they like… when at end of the day they pay now fare for the child, and also people pay for that cabin for some quite not a noise like a zoo.
    I know not all parents are like that but often they look to other people to calm their babies, yet to me, if you have the child you should be able to calm it … if you can not then either don’t fly or fly economy …

Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)
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